Electric Gates and How They are Changing the Automotive Industry

In this section, we will be discussing the role of electric gates in the automotive industry. They are a new addition to the automotive industry and have been around for a while now. Electric gates are used to keep unauthorized people out of a car park. They can also provide access control for certain areas in a company or business, such as the reception desk or visitor entrance.

Introduction: What Exactly are Electric Gates?

Gates are a type of entrance that people use to control traffic and access to their property. They can be made from different materials such as wood, metal, or plastics.

They work by allowing people to enter the premises only after they identify themselves and present a permit (key card or smart card). Gates can either swing open or slide open depending on the type of design it has.

Electric Gates vs Conventional Gates – Everything You Need To Know

Electric gates have been around since the 1930s.

The first electric gate is operated by a keypad and was installed for security purposes at the White House in 1939

These gates are now used throughout the world for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes.

The Gate Automation Association estimates that there are 25 million residential electric gates worldwide

Their use has grown exponentially due to their versatility and convenience.

A gate can be designed with an integrated intercom system to allow remote access without needing to open the gate with a key or card reader.

This access can also allow for voice commands giving homeowners total control over what visitors they allow into their property.

What are the Best Electric Gate Brands in the Market

This section will help you compare and contrast some of the best brands in this market.

Oxley Electrical & Security: This brand stands out for its creative designs and quality, which is why they're one of the most popular manufacturers in this industry.

Killeen Engineering – Electric Gates: This brand provides high-quality gates with long warranty periods that makes them worth considering if you're looking for a long-term investment.

Electric Gate Motor Kits: This company provides great value for money with less expensive products but also offers free installation service on all their electric gates which make them a good option when on a budget.

Buyers' Guide for Electric Gates – Choosing the Right Type of Gate For You?

The first thing to understand when choosing a gate is what functionality you need it to have. Do you want a gate with a lock? Do you want a gate that can be opened remotely? Do do you want a pet-activated gate for your dog? These are all important questions that will affect the type of electric gates that are suitable for your home or business.

The second thing electric gate buyers should know is there are two types of gates: swing gates and sliding gates. The next thing they should know is that there are many different applications that electric gates can be used for, such as at home, in a business setting or on a farm.

If you have remote-control gates, you can stay in your car and safely wait for the gate to open, which might be necessary in some locations. Of course, you can also stay dry and warm in Irish weather conditions.

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