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17 Replies to “$20,000 In Profit Found In Abandoned Storage Unit –”

    1. hey Lunkers you should buy a industrial shredder. shred the boxes and books use it as packing or you could sell it as packing.

  1. That figurine that said “occupied Japan” was from 1945 to 1951 when western forces occupied them after they surrender.

  2. Im making a few hundred doing estate and yard sale stuff and Lunkers killing it with one storage unit. Love it!!!!! Good job Brotha

  3. @Lunkers TV occupied Japan is when the US occupied an area of Japan during a war. i have a set of China from then and its stupid expensive.

  4. I knew you would bounce back from the toys. Maybe let Grimes help you a little on the toys, he has pretty good knowlede on toys.

  5. It likely wasn’t owned by a person for personal use. More likely a business of some kind had items in storage for some reason and went under. No one person buys that kind of stuff, leaves it packaged, and then leaves it. Looks retail oriented to me.

  6. Bro you literally posted this the day before on your second channel.. your gonna lose real fans that are willing to support you if that keeps happening… not cool

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