Check out my TOP 21 interior design RULES before embarking on any type of design and home decoration everyone! I have been working in the interior design industry for over 17 years now, 12 of which I’ve owned my own business. Having designed everything from hotels and nightclubs, to restaurants, bars and retail spaces, and now specializing in luxury custom home residential design, I have established a “Design Bible” of rules that I swear by and can attest to when creating the ultimate, personalized space that functions as well as it is stylish and beautiful. TOPICS and TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction 0:58 Space Planning Rules 5:18 Paint Color Rules 6:51 Kitchen Design Rules 8:30 Feng Shui Rules 11:07 Mastering the Mix 13:35 Storage and Organization LET’S CONNECT! SUBSCRIBE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: BLOG: BUSINESS INQUIRIES: http://[email protected] Edited by: Kelly Nguyen for Julie Khuu Interior Design Cover Image: Thad Hayes ___________________________ MUSIC BY Mr. Jello – Midnight Coffee – Mr. Jello – No Going Back – ___________________________ #JulieKhuu #InteriorDesignTips #DesignRules

31 Replies to “21 INTERIOR DESIGN RULES I Swear By | Julie Khuu”

  1. This video was very motivating. Enjoyed the aspiration and inspiration. Your dark brown sofa behind you looks luxurious but calming. What is the name of that sofa?Thanks

    1. Thank you for watching Lina! It’s a velvet camelback sofa that I scored at a consignment store ☺️

    1. @Julie Khuu no, thank YOU! I know sometimes the best doesn’t always get the most recognition and views but you are easily the best design channel on YouTube cuz you give real advice and not just insert their personal opinions like an influencer. My home is becoming elevated so much by following your ideas and they immediately make a lot of sense and demystify a lot the art of design

  2. Aloha! Found your channel and using you as initial plunge into understanding the basics of ID. I enjoy the analytical and methodical approach. Thank you so much for the awesome videos. I understand this is a “rules” video but I que in on your “ absolute” statements. Rules are made to be broken and I would challenge you or any other designers to find exceptions to every “always” and “never” statements made. It would be a fun and “next level” ID video. Look forward to next week’s video!

    1. Thank you for watching Ricky! I appreciate your perspective and will “absolutely” keep this in mind for the next rules video 😉

  3. I had a room painted dark and it drove me totally bonkers, it was so beautiful but not for me. Every tip and information you have was so intelligent and well thought out, thank you!

    1. Thank you for watching Jayne! My bedroom was painted dark espresso and I loved the cocoon vibe. Definitely not for everyone! 🙏🏻☺️

  4. We fell in love with Costa Esmeralda granite when we were designing our kitchen. Dark wood cabinets, a stone/glass tile backsplash w/blue/green/tan tiles, and walls painted Benjamin Moore Beach Glass. (Don’t ask me about the flooring, as I still hate it years later-not my choice.) We still love the kitchen eight years later.

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