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21 Replies to “5 Etsy SEO Tips You Didn’t Know but Need to Know”

  1. Hi! If I want to implement some of your tips to some listings… do you recommend copying the listing and making the changes or making the changes on the listing I already have?

  2. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the tips and discount code. Heads up!! Your link is missing the full spelling of “html” at the end of it and shows as a broken link if left that way. Don’t want you to miss out on any referrals xx

  3. Amazing video….Can I use any font from canva on my POD products? Or does it cause copyright issues? Also can you tell me some FREE fonts that go well with POD products? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your info. Previously I used your code to sign up for Sale Samarai. I’ve read you should only have 5 items with the same keywords. How do you do that if you have many items that fit those keywords? This might be a topic worth discussing in a future video.

    1. Such a good topic point to discuss! You definitely don’t want to repeat keywords over and over. Switching up and using new words or phrases will give the best reuslts

  5. Thanks for the info! My SEO question would be: When I look at successful shop’s tags using Sale Samarai, often their tags “aren’t good” in the sense they have very low or N/A Etsy search volume which is obviously something you want to avoid. How do these shops do so well when it doesn’t appear like they are using SEO software themselves?! Thanks!

    1. Such a great question. Tags are one part of the Etsy SEO puzzle. It could be a variety things from them driving their own traffic from social media, running a sale on that item, having strong keywords in their title and descriptions and even having high quality photos!

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