As I prepare a longer eCommerce tutorial for you, right here is merely exactly how to include an eCommerce store as well as cart to your WordPress utilizing the WooCommerce plugin on the Vantage style.

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    1. @Greg Narayan auto fulfillment on clothing orders. I can figure out printful once I have woocommerce. I just want woo on a page and not set as the theme. Do you have an email? Would you be able to help?

  1. I dont want to change my theme. I want to add a page to the existing layout that is a store. What do I do?

    1. You can use woocommerce short codes to put products or the checkout page or anything on individual pages! Definitely Install woocommerce
      And then try playing with the pages

  2. When we see the product there itself we want to put the add to cart button how we will put it Sir?

  3. How do you add a link to like a Dropbox or Google Folder after they make a purchase? *say for a download type business?

    1. You can make the product type a virtual download. You can also make a confirmation page with links

    2. Awesome! I couldn’t wait on someone to build my site after all these years. You solved my missing link. Big thanks!

  4. thanks for your tutorial video. but i have a question i hope you can help me with that ,, so i have a website of my restaurant is it possible to add this shopping cart as for the restaurant because i need my customers to have fully easy to order throughout my website where he can order there and like i need to know also how to add a quantity option of each item food ,, i would be much appreciate that if you help me with that one

  5. I want to add the”ADD TO CART” feature but don’t want PAYPAL option as it is banned in my Country. When a user is done adding things to cart , I just want them to pay me on delivery. Can you give me some advice on this ?

  6. Thank you, this was really helpful! Is there a way to set this up so that products can show reviews from other buyers? Also, Where do you keep track of sales made through your site with this setup in wordpress?

  7. i couldn’t find out this plugin (woocommerce- excelling eCommerce) in word press, kindly advise how can get it or any alternative methods

    1. Should fill in automatically as long as there’s a price and it’s in stock. There are also tons of woocommerce shortcodes to customize the shop page layout or put products on any page in wordpress

  8. this is stupid plugin , UGLY woo commerce.

    I am webdev, but i was looking for a Video on how to script Checkout in php -> install in wordpress

    Currently , i have access to all things, like ftp, root etc.

    But my client is insisting of Simple Lifetime Free Cart payment- Shunt Back System – Thanks Order Created.

    So i camehere . But u shud make video for webdevs also

    1. @Greg Narayan I wish I could I have the flexibility to use this method, but this is for a class, unfortunately. They want me to use WordPress.

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