Done In One Migration WordPress Plugin|Back-up, Restore as well as relocate WP Sites, Easy Tutorial You’ll discover just how to relocate a WordPress website, or execute an easy back-up – in simply a couple of clicks! The All in One Migration WP Plugin makes this a wind. You can utilize this approach to relocate your WordPress holding from one location to an additional, relocate from an old domain name to a brand-new one, or perhaps relocate from an in your area constructed website on your computer system to a real-time website online. It’s an excellent little plugin! Recognitions:. Our thumbnail style theme is from FreePik –

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  1. I can’t seem to download the file, it stops downloading at 9,6mb in my chrome browser for some reason..

    I have tried multiple browsers and none of them worked.

    Giving me the message in chrome of “Failed – File Incomplete”

    Any idea of how to fix this?

    1. Hi, not sure but you could try going into your web hosting control panel, go through the file manager there and find the file under /wp-content/ai1wm-backups and try downloading it from there

  2. Can you help me in uploading mine. Have been doing this both day and night it wont just work.
    Please, just do this favor for me.

  3. Brilliant! Been struggling with FTP problems for ages and this solved the problem in minutes. Step by step explanation made it a cinch to follow. Job done. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the video – it seems to be really easy – although not working with my site! I did the new page in a subdomain and now wanted to move it to the main. But somehow upload (migration) not working properly? I got 100% upload status but no pop-up window saying that import was successfully??? Does the new domain needs to be empty, because I got still two subfolders on the server with other webpages. Thanks for help!? greets edi

  5. Great video! All the information and step by step is really very much appreciated! I tried it out once and got to the import of the file part… but as my provider only allows for 3MB, yeah… not happening. I didn’t see the link for the import plugin but will surely be using that in the future. Thanks!! 😀

  6. Hello, please would know tell me why my import of a back-up I am performing always hangs on the 70% import database and does not evolve to the completion of the restore of the back-up = ( Yes, I am using all in on WP migration. This is very important to me = (

  7. I dont have access to the old wordpress as we have moved to a different provider and a different server. Can I complete the backup without the permalink settings save on the original wordpress? Any help will be really appreciated

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