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20 Replies to “Novice vs. PRO GRAPHIC DESIGNER”

  1. bruh all of this video just to promote an affiliate link to canva memebership 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  2. One thing is creating something from scratch, another one is using 5 templates and just putting them together. Adobe has templates too, you know?

  3. I liked this one, as a designer I actually use Canva if I really need to whip out something quick that I need on the dot. Prolly for the design choice, it is based on preference. I liked his idea to use photos as the background, I would’ve just put “shot on a sony alpha (model name)” then put the sony and alpha logo just below it. HAHAh this is my preference tho.

  4. it was just a sponsor video, canva is not even close to illustrator, kids these days just use canva and call them self so call graphic designer .-.

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