In the last episode we discussed how to smoothly enable AMP on WordPress. In this episode, we’re going to start deep diving into the official AMP plugin for WordPress and learn about the capabilities that it provides out of the box to make bringing AMP into your content strategies as easy as possible. Learn more about AMP → Learn more about the official AMP plugin for WordPress → Hope this episode was useful to you and we are looking forward to engaging with you on the next one. Click on the subscribe link below and activate notifications to find out quickly when new episodes start flowing. Watch more episodes → Subscribe to AMP →

18 Replies to “AMP for WordPress: The official AMP plugin for WordPress”

  1. We have to update AdSense code for amp different or set automatically show ads as show in desktop mode?

    1. You can use auto ads with Google Site kit plugin or use plugins such as advanced ads to use ad units

  2. But why your amp plugin create multiple issue in my search Console….so i dont use this plugin please resolve the issue of search Console….. thanks

    1. If you are using the official AMP plugin for WordPress you should not be getting AMP errors on SC. Please engage with us in the support forum to help you out!

  3. Today AMP Plugin Updates Date 07/05/2021 is not Success this is Whole Site Down and Critical Error show Please not Update this Plugin – i have 2 site are all site Critical Error Found i Delete this plugins

  4. Hi,
    Why is this amp plugin blocking my site and it won’t work again until I remove the plugin amp?

  5. 初めまして今晩は

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