The speed of inflation rose to 10.1% in September, in line with official figures. The rise was pushed primarily by the price of groceries with meals value rises at its highest since April 1980, the ONS reported. Sky’s Information and Economics Editor Ed Conway has been taking a look at why costs proceed to rise, and the way the federal government is tackling a ‘black gap’ in public funds. #inflation #costofliving #skynews SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for extra movies: Observe us on Twitter: Like us on Fb: Observe us on Instagram: For extra content material go to and obtain our apps: Apple: Android Sky Information movies at the moment are obtainable in Spanish right here/Los video de Sky Information están disponibles en español aquí To investigate about licensing Sky Information content material, you will discover extra info right here:

15 Replies to “Analysis: How can govt fill ‘black hole’ in finances?”

  1. They gone keep the trible lock okay.
    Still what about public sector workers like in the NHS and police firefighters.
    Will they again see a pay freeze and real term pay cut like they did so many years under the conservative government.
    Real term wages for public service are now 5 to 10 % lower then in 2010. This was before inflation hit this year. It will be probably 15% less next year

  2. Ed is misleading his audience by showing the day ahead gas prices. Why doesn’t he show the forward contracts for Nov and above? Lol

  3. We are at 16.6% tru inflation people. Fake number. Expect worse times to come and we are nowhere near the raising of rates where we need to be

  4. External black hole and internal black hole, which come first ? Chicken and egg, which come first ? Interesting 😄

  5. No time indicator on the Natural Gas Price Chart when the Russia war with Ukraine started.
    It was after the first speculation Spike in gas prices in last quarter of 2021

  6. What the government needs to start doing is pay down the public debt. 2.5 trillion pounds is unsustainable. The interest on that every year must be at least 100 billion pounds at the very least. Stop borrowing and pay some of this debt off. It will be painful but at 200 billion paid on the debt every year over 10 years would knock off a trillion of that 2.5 trillion pound debt. This has to be done or at the rate this is going the entire government’s budget will be going towards servicing just the interest on the debt in what, 30 years from now?

  7. Gas prices mightr have come down but what’s the chances companies are going to reduce the prices in line with the reduction now the serfs are used to having to pay them? zero mate…

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