Alone amongst established nations, the United States’s medical care system is not global yet run by for-profit medical insurance firms. A previous medical insurance exec transformed whistle-blower states the sector is anticipating to do well throughout the coronavirus. While numerous firms in the United States state they will certainly cover COVID-19 screening as well as therapy, there stays much complication over that will eventually wind up covering the costs. Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington, DC, in the United States. – Subscribe to our network: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our internet site: #AlJazeeraEnglish #Coronavirus #UnitedStates

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  1. Doctors, lawyers the insurance industry no different, it’s business at the end of the day that solely relies on the social ills of the people in order to prosper.

  2. I hate being an American 😞 and no if I’m not wealthy enough to afford healthcare what makes you think I can afford to move? I can’t even move to another state 🙄

    1. I pity and feel so sorry for US citizens, a country which does not understand that healthcare and education are HUMAN RIGHTS, is definitely a 3rd world country. I alraedy feel outraged at a country that treats its citizens like their product, and Im not even from the US (im spanish). I recommend u 2 courses of action: 1) If you think you can make a difference, revolt. 2) Otherwise, flee far away.

    2. @Nik what is this “saving” thing you’re talking about? Sounds like a foreign word 🤔

  3. To test. ONLY if I had symptoms and was in critical risk category which I did and am.
    Required doctor office appointment which took 2 days and $40 copay plus $430 for covid test. Insurance would reimburse $430, once they received verified clinical test results from physician office. Test done (felt as if nasal swab took brain matter) and went home to suffer.
    Had to wait 4 “working days” before verified clinical lab sent results to doctor via mail (involved weekend wait thus 6 days). Required a day before physician could speak to me. Test was negative, yay, just the flu (?)…. meaning I might have to repeat this again.
    Insurance took additional 2 “working days” before they received fax from doctor. Finally received reimbursement from insurance 8 days later.
    Lesson learnt: will not do this again unless they wheel me thru ER on a gurney!!

    1. That’s near 1000$ Australian a month. I don’t even think that an Australian private health policy could cost that much if you tried to find one. Why are some Americans convinced that higher taxes to pay for free healthcare is such a bad thing. It seems that what you aren’t paying for at tax time your paying for more so in healthcare.

    2. How much is a deductible? I assume that’s just an excess? Our excesses are 500$ for hospital stays and there’s none on anything else

    3. @Tedd A deductible is he amount you pay (in addition to the monthly cost) before the insurance starts to pay. The plans I am currently looking at are:
      A) $340/month with a $7,900 deductible.
      B) $347/month with a $6,000 deductible.
      C) $370/month with a $4,000 deductible.
      Plus it gets more complicated…
      With policy A, pretty much everything is covered after you meet your deductible.
      Policy B, you pay $40 for your primary doctor (deductible doesn’t even figure in, but for a specialist it’s still $50 copay after your deductible.
      Policy C is $30 copay after deductible for primary doctor, and $40 copay after deductible for a specialist.
      That’s just a basic rundown of things I expect to use in the policy, but there is a whole separate set of deductible s and copays for things like ambulance and hospital.

    4. Christ that sounds expensive. So basically if your insurance is x amount a year but you get sick in that same year you still need to spend amount x on the deductible? That’d mean that in any year u get sick it could still cost the monthly premiums plus a deductible. Getting sick still costs a privately insured person over 10k nearly?

    5. @Tedd It is expensive, especially for a person who has been laid off and has $0 income, but made too much during the first part of the year to qualify for any financial assistance.
      To answer your question, yes, you pay monthly premium plus deductible. I guess the cost would depend on if, or how sick you get. I rarely get sick (fingers crossed), so I don’t expect that I would be paying more than $4,500 for the year.

  4. There’s no difference with health insurance and vehicle insurance. If someone hit’s your car and they don’t have insurance or adequate insurance they have to pay (and likely will need to litigate). Why do people look at health insurance differently. If someone doesn’t pay for insurance they don’t deserve exceptional treatment. I find it sickening that people and reporters can’t report this properly. Instead, insurance companies and hospitals are made to be villains when it should be noted that IT’S THE PERSONS RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES – NOT THE GOVERNMENT. If the government is going to look after everyone then they should enforce things like weigh scales at all restaurants and deny people service if they are overweight. Yeah, that’s insane right – yeah, so is universal basic healthcare.

    1. are you even human? you do not look that way to me. Healthcare is a HUMAN RIGHT, shame on you

    2. It might not be a universal right, but it is certainly a universal need. A couple points:
      1. Not everything can be boiled down to “Look after yourself”. There are a lot of genetic diseases, and diseases that we are finding have genetic components. Even Type II Diabetes, which everyone thinks is only due to lifestyle, we are increasingly recognizing as heritable. There are diseases like muscular dystrophy where you can do everything in your power to “look after yourself”, but you are only delaying the inevitable decline. Then there are diseases like cancers, which can strike anyone at any time no matter what you do. Heck, you could get cancer tomorrow. Should you be denied healthcare simply because you are an average Joe who can’t afford the (insane!) price of medical treatment from doctors and surgeons who have trained for years at expensive medical schools? Is it crazy that a government would care enough about its citizens that it would actually PAY for their medical treatment so they don’t die/become disabled? The government needs taxpayers and workers to run, and people dying in the prime of their life represents a net loss for productivity. Or, heavens forbid, we actually decide as a society to take care of people and alleviate their pain, even if it doesn’t benefit us individually, because we value human life and want to help the people around us
      2. You are right in one sense. Health insurance is used for ALL medical treatment in the United States, not just emergency treatment, otherwise it is completely unaffordable. The insurance companies have SET IT UP this way, by negotiating deals with doctors/hospitals, so that its is cheaper to get medical care with insurance than without. The people with insurance get a discount, so the price of the operation is shifted onto those without insurance. If there were laws saying that insurance companies could ONLY cover emergencies like car accidents, then this wouldn’t be a problem. But, as it is, most people can only get healthcare if their insurance company will cover it.
      3. At some point in your life, you will NEED medical care. You will get older, and have more problems. Which is why I say that healthcare is something we will all need. Even more so than housing, because you can survive (albeit extremely terribly unhygenic and malnourished) without a home. But, you can’t survive without food, and you can’t survive without healthcare at some point in your life. Now, there is a debate to be had about how much we are spending to extend human life, and you can go your whole life without going to the doctor’s office, but at some point you will grow old and arthritic and wished that someone cared enough about you to give you healthcare. Heck, you don’t know if you will need medical care. You could get a terrible illness tomorrow, or have an allergic reaction to something and go to the Emergency Room. Most societies look at healthcare as a service to its citizens, like firefighters and police officers. What if I said “I don’t think we should have police. I disagree with my tax money going to police. I think it is more important we take care of the sick and needy than locking up criminals”?
      4. Why do people hate insurance companies? Because they serve no purpose other to deny treatment and increase the price as middlemen. A functioning government can much more effectively treat its population, without having insane rules about which doctors or hospitals are “in-network”. There are cases where people in emergencies drive to a hospital FARTHER AWAY because it is covered by their insurance. A system like the NHS in the United Kingdom delivers healthcare to ALL its citizens for cheaper than we get it in the United States, and has better outcomes by any metric you want to name (life expectancy, infant mortality, maternal mortality). A system like that, when it is properly funded, actually exists TO give you healthcare, rather than insurance companies which exist to deny you healthcare

  5. “Healthcare industry” Healthcare can’t be an industry. It’s a right for every humanbeing. Honestly I can’t understand the system of healthcare in USA, If there is a system out there.

  6. These devils insurance companies take money but refused to give back our money for life and death situation! United States strike against insurance companies

  7. These devils insurance companies take money but refused to give back our money for life and death situation during COVID-19! United States strike against insurance companies.

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  9. I don’t think it insurance get coverage the new unknown pandermic ,this corona virus will may be specify lists with new type of bills and participate policy in the globe to benerfit the traveller or at least company policy
    But it free testing and treatment because it treat national security issue ,health public crisis and danger disese to control .
    It bad in US because the bussiness deny the way of doctor and emergency laws reccommend , this will be one of american disaster from virus since 1918 spanish flu
    There on employment ,the job seeker and self required or be travel(in 72hrs) should be pay personel virus testing at market public /clinic hospital viral PCR under governtment prices 100$ exceptable .

  10. I got coronavirus two months ago and was literally in bed fighting for my life…. the lady from the financial department calling my room 5 to 6 times a day trying to find out how I was going to pay for it ….it got to the point she literally came up to the room and I had to call the nurse to get security.

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