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  1. For the CPR he was having a heart attack and he was spending soo long doing a full body examination. If it was real, he was probably dead by then. Lol.

    1. Shouldn’t you immediately start CPR after you check for breathing and pulse? By the time you’ve reached the scene (if you were a pedestrian), about half a minute may have already passed, which is enough for the brain to start getting damaged due to oxygen deficiency.
      I suppose we should check for breathing and pulse and then immediately start CPR if there is no sign of heartbeat. By the time a full body examination is finished, you’d probably have no chance of saving the man with CPR because it would be too late.

  2. Wow St John Ambulance we are the difference, I have the learning which we got from this video plz catch it well, you never know one time it will help you

  3. Your partner in the blue shirt was such a good teammate. You both did a great clear job.

  4. So fat people are just screwed if they choke? And pregnant ladies, I would like to know how to help both of them casualties

  5. It’s nice from St John’s Ambulance. Last week we had great educational first aid classes from Mr Anthony from Nakuru

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