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20 Replies to “Best Grow light for small grows 2021 | Best small LED grow light 2021”

  1. my grow room is small i use 2 x 600 lumi black in a 50 leeter pot my room is 1 meeter wide 2 meeters long and 8 feet high what would be best replacment for the hps

  2. Hi, I hope you can help. I’m planning a micro grow 1 cannabis plant. Is an LED that states 150w from the LEDS with 45w or 65w power consumption a good choice?

  3. I’ve been very satisfied over the past few years by just using T5s for veg and LED for flower. It may up my wattage but it’s not a huge difference and the bulbs seem to last long enough. The next LED grow light I buy will be a migro array & maybe the newer viparspectra 3×3 he reviewed recently.

  4. just grabbed a fixture for another project, now need something for a 70×70 space.. specs say veg 90×90 flower 60×60.. am i going to suffer putting this into the 70×70 for full cycle? thanks

  5. I’ve bought 2 1000watt 4×4 bar lights from China. They’ve 8 bars each and full of leds and I swear they are way to powerfull for my 8 x 4 , I can’t run them over 50 %

  6. MIGRO: I’ve got 17 LED grow lights to compare.
    Me: I’ve got…none.
    MIGRO: The best LED grow light of 2021 is MIGRO.
    YouTube: It’s nice to finally see an honest review.
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  7. Phlizon 2000 is the most badass budget dimmable light it’s seriously as good as the top shelf like timber and vipar for far less

  8. what is the best led light to flower my cannabis plants on 24 sqft = 1.5m x 1,5 m. if possiblew under 1000 euros

  9. Hi MIGRO, 1st of all I want to say thank you for your expertise, you always bring great content. I have a question, will the vipaspectra pb1000 be sufficient in a ac infinity 3×3 grow tent? I await your response, thank you in advance

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