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17 Replies to “Best LED Grow Lights 2022 // 16 Lights For Your HOME or COMMERCIAL Grow!”

  1. The best one: Raging Kush II, even coverage and tunable spectrum.
    To simulate the SUMMER sun: during veg (best 5000k – blue/white) +UVB -REDs. To simulate the FALL sun during flower (best 3000k – yellow/white) -UVB +REDs.
    Not only we have to change from 18-6 to 12-12 hours from veg to flower, but we must change the spectrums also. I will change my 3×3 tent to 4×4 to accommodate this light.

    1. Optics better they have a tripple dimmer (and master controller)set up in 720-650 and the 320 slim and the results are crazy

  2. We are one professional manufacturer for LED grow light. Pls help contact and wish we could establish the business cooperation relationship. Our product is with unique design and better performance.

  3. The people that complain don’t realize you are supposed to highlight the known brands. Not thy Alibaba brands that you will never find in a store. This is a perfect review for the people who would love to go by their local stores and pick up a quality light.

  4. I personally own a chilLED x600 and that thing is a beast. Wish it had a mount for the drive but still… ❤❤. Getting an x3 330 for veg next week!

  5. нечего не понятно мне,но очень интересно было посмотреть картинку.

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