I watched over 500 minutes of Brian Dean’s videos to find his 9 best SEO tips. Was it worth it? Heck yes! Watch until the end because most people ignore the seventh SEO tip. Who is Brian Dean? Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko (which recently sold to Semrush).

Brian is not only an exceptional SEO expert, but he’s also a skilled copywriter and YouTuber. Don’t just learn from what Brian tells you. Study how he operates. Brian exemplifies the concept of “quality over quantity.” Brian’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BrianDean

17 Replies to “Brian Dean’s 9 Best SEO Tips (After Watching 43 Videos)”

  1. Hi sir, I found Microsoft old website,
    Today it is available for registration
    For 80$ , shoud i register or not
    Microsoft works this website for 2 years as a main website of my country
    Please tell me is it worth it or not ? It has 10million backlinksthe website has 1% spam score and 27 domain authority

  2. I agree. Brian is among the best for web content. But I have to say that you, sir, are among the best when it comes to actionable and masterfully-presented videos. I ALWAYS come away from your presentations smarter and more equipped than I was before watching. Kudos, Nathan!

  3. Hey Nathan, You share all your secret recipes with your audience. Many seo experts tell what Google wants them to talk about but you actually talk about what we need to hear. You are the best in the industry.
    Fan fron Pakistan

  4. Hey Nathan, can you please tell us that can we buy relevant deleted domains and redirect links to our relevant pages?

  5. My category page is ranking instead of post how to to solve this problem? Few days ago my post was ranking on top 10 but after category rank the post was disappeared and impression and shown on category page .

  6. Agree with #3. No matter how good your SEO strategy is, you always have to back it up with amazing content. Thanks a lot for this, Nathan!

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