If you managed to watch the video without being sick everywhere due to the mouldy food in this Ford Transit Camper then you’re stronger willed than me. This Ford Transit MK6 is currently a non-runner hence why it was so cheap to buy, I didn’t think it was possible to purchase a £500 camper van but thank you for the challenge. Smash that like button and subscribe if you would like to see the adventures that this Ford Transit Camper Van will hopefully bring us. I hope it will give us the joy and allow us to experience a little bit more of the Van Life movement. 📱Support me on the Socials Merchandise – https://van-life-in-motion.creator-spring.com/listing/exclusive-march-2021-appeal Patreons – https://www.patreon.com/VanLifeInMotion Instagram – @vanlife_in_motion 📺 VIDEOGRAPH TAG LINE #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vlog 🚐 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL Enjoyed the video?

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26 Replies to “Buying the Cheapest Camper Van In the UK (This Ford Transit will make you SICK 😷) (Van Life)”

  1. Thank you all for checking out the video of the cheapest campervan currently in the country! Time to get her back on the road! The Road To Glory. Smash that like button, I will see you in the next instalment <3

  2. Can’t believe he didn’t check it for oil & coolant before he started it .. 😳 he even found a can of oil in the van..

    1. The video was recorded and edited in a different order because it had more flow. I can confirm the engine section was the first thing I did!

  3. Nice to see you back 😎.
    Looks like it could be an OK van with some graft 🙂
    Always amazes us how gross some people leave vehicles, you could have done with some gloves before having to touch some of that stuff 😅

  4. Aye. the red light between the two small dials. Immo status light. If flashing=immobilized. On solid = fault. Or poss only one key programmed in the Pat’s system. You did mighty to drive it like that. I used to do that. But not now the roads are horrendous with lights. Junctions. Closures ect. . Alright driving until forced to stop dead. And get going again. Do it to much a have battery and starter motor problems. Not a bad van though for the money. Believe me .I seen a hell of alot worse than your one.

    1. @Van Life in Motion iv got a mk 7 with medium roof that i can stand up in and it goes in most places. With an inch or so 2 spare.

  5. I know this is now history but starting in gear and matching engine revs to road speed makes clutchless gear changes easy, gentle pressure on the gear stick and when the revs are right it will drop into gear easily. When changing down, drop it into neutral, rev it and pressure on the gear stick, again when they match it will drop into gear. Takes a little practice but easy once you get your eye in.

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