An update on the legal situation in Scotland, where you can and can’t park up for the night and a look at how things have improved greatly in the past three years, Forestry & Land Scotland Stay the Night scheme Campaign for Real Aires Scottish Outdoor Access Code

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  1. Hey didn’t know you had a Chanel Cameron, oh that’s my evening viewing sorted for tonight with a pint. We’ve had our motorhome for a year and what a game changer it is, been all over Scotland and wales yet we’ve only just scraped the surface there’s so many places to visit!!!! E bikes are really helping cover the miles! Great stuff look forward to watching all your uploads !!!

  2. I can’t watch your videos because you keep on having these flashing lights and it’s not good for my eyes and some also suffer a serious condition with flashing lights. Would you please consider another form of ‘attention grabbing’ 🤔

  3. I will be swimming against the tide on this one but the absolute last thing we want to do when we park up at night is to sit in the van, keep our fingers crossed and hope that we are being ‘tolerated’. We did the NC500 in our 8 meter Kontiki in 2020, we planned the trip and booked up campsites and CL’s for the route and had a fantastic time. Parked legally as opposed to ‘lets hope we get away with it’ meant we could enjoy the full features of our motorhome whilst never having to worry about getting moved on, where to dump the toilet, where to get water etc. Parking in lay-bys and not setting up an encampment may be legal but parking anywhere else without the landowners permission isn’t which is why we don’t do it. IMHO people conflate ‘getting away with it’ with ‘tolerance’.

  4. “Over promoted NC 500”, spot on Cameron. A PR exercise thought up without any forward planning and insufficient infrastructure. It gars me greet !

  5. I agree with official camp sites pricing themselves out of contention – I have experienced this with a common haunt for my wife and I with our campervan – this year we are paying £30 per night for seven nights, and next year it is £45 per night. While I have booked my usual week, I have been honest and said beyond 2023 I will not be back.

    My recent exploits have had me explore Northumberland, who are experimenting with a form of aires, based on three carparks via Northumberland council – I must confess I used one in a wonderful location and found it amazing. I will confess, I mixed and matched my nights in official spaces and the newly formed carparks. It was an a wonderful experience. However it was at the expense of me doing the NC500 – why? Purely because of the negative perspective of those of us in campervans and their response in Scotland.

    I will be honest, I enjoyed the NL250, and meeting local people and talking about what i was doing – I had no negative experience (other than a slow puncture) and can only recommend the NL250 to campervan folks who plan carefully, and leave no sign.

    I hope the NC500 and the locals on it are in a better position in the coming years.

  6. Aw lovely, the voice of reason , I’ve visited all my life to Scotland camping , caravanning and now as a new motor homer, I was having second thoughts about coming , with all the hate towards motor homes, I’ve recently left a well known face book page as it was so toxic and hateful, so this vlog has been a breath of fresh air 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. I’ve wild camped all over Scotland ,in tents and vans ,and as long as your respectful and don’t leave any rubbish,people have been really friendly and positive ,always had a great experience, West coast is beautiful, but man nowhere on earth has midges like Scotland they eat u alive lol.

  8. Well said Cameron, growing up I was always taught to leave a place tidier than you found it, thank you.

  9. Thank you for such a fantastic video, I have shared it and will encourage as many people as possible to watch it. Col Rennie’s idea of showing it to people before hiring or buying a van is great one.
    It makes me very sad to say that of the 19 countries in Europe that we have visited, our own beloved Scotland has been the least friendly to us in our motorhome, nowhere else have we been approached in the negative way. Thankfully like the bad campervanners, it’s just a small number of negative people who spoil it for others. Most people love the van or to see the dogs in the van and are interested enough to ask about the van or our travels.
    Having dogs we do close the blinds or even put the Silverscreen on in hot weather to keep the van cool for the dogs and it may look like we are in the van but hopefully over time people will understand things such as this and be less likely to jump to conclusions. We use our van everyday as it is our only vehicle, again hopefully people will become aware that this is quite a common thing and be more accepting of vans in places maybe they don’t expect them to be. Thank you again.

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