Period 1 – Episode One In this episode, host Mark Yaxley describes the resemblances that silver and gold coins as well as bars have with each various other, as well as the crucial distinctions financiers require to be knowledgeable about. SWP web site: *** Remember to strike SUBSCRIBE to obtain all our excellent rare-earth element video clips ***. Regarding Inside The Vault:. Professional ideas on silver and gold supplied to you straight from inside Strategic Wealth Preservation’s Cayman Islands gold safe. This unique collection offers capitalists with understandings as well as education and learning regarding a range of subjects associated with having rare-earth elements:. Bars vs coins – Gold vs Silver – Which one should I get? Gold vs Silver – Which steel is far better to have? Taking A Trip With Precious Metals – Tips for the custom-mades as well as airport terminals. Delivering Gold as well as Silver – How to prepare a bundle for delivery? Evaluating Precious Metals – Five means to prevent phonies. Examining Gold Bars with PAMP Suisse’s Veriscan verification innovation. Residence Storage vs. Offshore Storage – How much should I maintain residence? Gathering Rare Coins – Expert suggestions on gathering gold coins. Keeping Gold as well as Silver – At house, at the financial institution as well as in a protected storage space center. Going Global – Owning silver and gold offshore. Sign up with host Mark Yaxley, as he takes you inside SWP’s Cayman Islands safe, and also shares his professional expertise with you. REGISTER FOR OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR ACCESS TO ALL THESE GREAT VIDEOS AND MORE. SWP internet site: You can additionally follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and also Facebook: Strategic Wealth Preservation. Concerning SWP:. Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) is a worldwide rare-earth elements supplier and also protected storage space carrier headquartered in the Cayman Islands. We concentrate on the purchase as well as protected storage space of rare-earth elements for people, business, depends on and also riches administration experts in behalf of their customers. We supply rare-earth elements worldwide to organizations and also houses as well as use safe and secure storage space in safes found in the Cayman Islands, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore and also New Zealand. Many thanks for enjoying and also if you want to acquire steels or shop rare-earth elements with SWP please go to or email us – [email protected]!.?.! Period 1 – Episode One Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) is a global priceless steels supplier as well as protected storage space service provider headquartered in the Cayman Islands. We specialize in the purchase and also safe and secure storage space of valuable steels for people, firms, depends on as well as riches monitoring experts on part of their customers. We provide valuable steels worldwide to services as well as residences and also supply safe storage space in safes situated in the Cayman Islands, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore as well as New Zealand.

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  1. Building wealth involves developing good habits like regularly putting money away in intervals for solid investments. Financial management is a crucial topic that most tend to shy away from, and ends up haunting them in the near future.

    1. @Maura Harty When you make it a happen to always invest more than you spend then you’re close to being someone great on your own. I started working with expert Galia Benartzi and through my investments, I’m now a successful investor touring the world.

    2. @berit Hill Please what are the requirements to get started in bitcoin trading? And how much is her service charge to help me trade and make profits?

    3. When I asked my followers from different platforms what are their immediate financial goals, most of them said that they want to make their first million. So that’s what we’re doing today.

  2. Investing in crypto is a more lucrative way of making money investing in crypto and bitcoin now should be any ways of making money

    1. A friend that I referred to her just received huge profit after seven days of investing. I am jealous right now.

    2. I’ve heard so much of this Mrs Satina Bation she must be a very trust worthy expert professional for people to talk all this good about her.

    3. Mrs Satina Bation has been trading for me, her techniques are marvelous, made me see Bitcn trade from another angle, I keep making profits weekly.

  3. I’m a new investor of silver and gold. Thank you for your show. I think the only difficulty selling the bigger bars is to local coin dealers. There are plenty of them online that will be glad to bid on it.

  4. (🦕🏦🌐 Reserve) 🪙💳 donates a Simple fee 🪙 base frationals 🔛➡️ SWP Vault Co. 💲830 📩🔛➡️ Premium IR 🫰for metals🏗️🌐 🏦ing 🌎 central 🏦to print 💵 loans…

  5. can you suggest a reliable store (that also has an online presence) in Europe from where we can buy either bars or coins?

  6. A share price is never low or high, it is what it is, what matters is whether it goes up or down from that point, I’m excited about the next bullrun as I’m buying as much as I can now, still words on the media says this crash has as much high-yielding possibilities as a bullrun, sure the risks are greater now, but they can be manage.

  7. I know this video came out on 2019 but I’d like to ask your opinion about numismatic silver coins.
    It’s value, premium, liquidity etc…

  8. I invest in coins. Both silver and gold. I have more silver than gold. Twenty plus years in collecting. About $3500 plus.

  9. Imagine wanting to buy gold and paying the price of the prime, and then being taxed 11.5% because you live in Puerto Rico. 🫠

  10. You’re going to get a lot more for anything in silver or gold if you want to wait 10 to 20 years that’s generally the space of time otherwise it’s just going to keep going fluctuating irregardless of inflation I mean we’re at the highest level of inflation this is 1981 and silver dropped $7 since 2021 an ounce so it doesn’t matter whether it’s this mintage or that mintage the fact of the matter is mint state 1 oz silver 1 oz gold has dropped like a stone and it really shouldn’t have because of the times we live in. This is the time that this should have gone way up. So being 56 years old myself I’m not going to wait 20 to 30 years for silver to go up or goal to go up because I’m not going to live that long and if I do is it going to really matter at that point or will it be better if I put my money into a bank account that’s holding right now 2% online because the feds are lifting up the interest rates and they’re going to go up to 5% most likely so there’s a lot of thought to put into this and beware of the dealers they take at least 30 to 40% of what you have in silver and gold so be very mindful if you’re thinking of the 5-year period or 7 year. It’s not going to happen. If you’re 20 years old if you’re 30 years old that’s a great time to collect silver but if you’re 50 years old or 60 years old it’s a bad time

  11. I made huge mistake in my life. In which I was buying crypto thinking it’s the best investment while the right one is good/silver. Don’t get me wrong all Crypto is good but honestly not for me.

  12. I bought silver it’s a waste of money the premiums will eat an profits you make most people never recoup there investment

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