14 Replies to “Creating Products – WooCommerce Guided Tour”

  1. I’m selling a product where I’d like to offer my customers an option to make a deposit on a product and have a payment plan. Is this possible with Woo?

  2. Please help i tried everything but nothing is working.
    I created a product but it shows double price
    (example:- regular price 200
    Sale price:- 100 100)
    It would be very kind of you to please reply.
    Please help thank you

  3. Hey,
    Thank you for this video recently I went on WooCommerce and I have a question for you ! Would you have an import method for variable products? Because I work on a site with a lot of variation by products and putting the prices one by one would just be impossible! I already try to import them via a csv file even if the import goes well I still have to set the prices manually do I miss something or is there really no other options than to set the prices like that ?

  4. How do I link my product so it does not show in all of my categories so I have beverages but it is showing in all of my other categories

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