Day 56 Ripening/Harvest/Trichome improvement with the SE7000 Spider Farmer LED Develop Mild. • Consultations e-mail: [email protected] • Collaborations e-mail: [email protected] • Official web site: (beneath building) • Donation handle to assist hold this channel going You should buy all Spider Farmer gear by clicking in your geographical hyperlink beneath. I make no commissions on something bought. Cheers! SPIDER FARMER WEBSITE US: CA: EU: UK: AU: HygroHybrid

16 Replies to “Day 56 Ripening & Harvest – SE7000 Spider Farmer LED Grow Light – Grow Your Own!”

  1. Moin. Did you use the whole power during the whole prozess? Looks awesome thy for sharing video and weed -))

  2. You got air coming in and going out constantly how does the room not freeze in the winter? I got a neighbor friend he shuts down in the winter because he can’t keep a place warm . I keep telling him there’s got to be a way to keep the place warm. But he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed though lol

    1. He probably don’t wanna deal with it, I don’t blame him. The air is ambient air from within the house. I use a fan speed controller, I slow it down in the winter or put the fan on a timer 15 min on, 15 off etc. That helps a lot and gets me by without buying extra stuff and using more electricity. Vise versa in the summer. Do what we gotta do. If I had to run heaters i would.

  3. yup that’s legit northern lights, that turquoise is perfect. Put your hand behind the bud to get that camera to focus in, usually works. How big is your room?

  4. One thing miners have in common is both can benefit from using AC Infinity fans for cooling. And air purifier’s.

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