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20 Replies to “Dentist Reacts to Luke Davidson’s MIRACLE Teeth Whitening Secrets?!”

  1. Who hear watches Luke?! Make sure to Subscribe and let me know what other videos you want me to react to!! ❤️

    1. Hello! How long will the teeth last after used the crest 3d? The reason I ask is cuz recently I went to the dentist and I got my teeth whitening and honestly didn’t even last me 2 weeks and I paid 160$ for 1hr that was the treatment. They told me to be back every month to do 20min session for 80$ . And I really don’t think is worth it. Do u recommend the crest 3d better? Or perhaps charcoal powdered? Of course we talking here about the cheaper options lol . I do know there’s other procedures but expensive.

      I would appreciate your help!!!

  2. My teeth are yellow rn but can I get them white if I just brush my teeth with toothpaste and not eat candy and sodas.

  3. The fact it was satisfying when Luke took the strip of his teeth and pls can I have atleast have one like🥺

  4. I find it hard to believe it isn’t bad for your teeth as it’s literally acid burning your teeth to get rid of the stains? I’ve done this and it works great but I’m skeptical to do it again as I don’t want to thin my teeth and cause damage

  5. I’m a guy who loves to smile. I love the way my teeth look and how it makes me feel when I get compliments on how white and straight they are.

    But for me, keeping my teeth white has always been a challenge. Food and drinks tend to stain them, as do the stresses of daily life—nothing seems to prevent those stains from forming on my pearly whites. Now, thanks to Cleaner Smile! I have a clean mouth and beautiful white teeth. The one who helped me with my teeth was a guy on YT called “Most muscular David on YT” he had a video where he showed his teeth transformation.

  6. Curious how his face bleached too? Need Same lighting before n after also hold a white paper next to teeth as a control.

  7. IDK about Optic White Renewal, which removes 10 years of yellow stains, dating all way back to 2012 as of 2022.

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