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24 Replies to “Digital Marketing For Beginners: How To Get Started Fast (With No Experience)”

  1. Havent found an answere to this anywhere. If you know this you are the king.

    After the ios 14, i was wondering if retargeting to websitevisitors will track most visitors?

    I would think since an indicator if somebody visits the website can be tracked through the facebook platform when somebody clicks an ad (or somebody clicking a button link) facebook would know that this person goes to the website right?

    So pixel data would be unecessary, since fb can track prior to actually visiting the website that a link on an ad has been clicked and therefore becomes part of the retargeting custom audience. Am i right or wrong?

    1. Hey Kojo! Bad news, no specific answer for you (this stuff’s changing all the time too so the second I publish it could be outdated).

      All that said, you can still track a LOT of website visitors, even with iOS 14 update, and if you want to nurture an audience in app, then video retargeting audiences are a good plan (FB and IG).

      All that said, my main strategy is, has been, and will continue to be (for me and all my clients) to drive traffic to the email list as quickly as humanly possible. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi! Thank you for this informational video. I just would like to solicit your honest opinion. I am looking to get enrolled in an online course on Coursera re Digital Marketing, but I am a little confused about which course to get. I am choosing between the top 2 courses which are – Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce and Meta Social Media Marketing. Which of the two do you think is the best or more practical to get? I hope this comment gets noticed. Thank you!

  3. You definitely don’t want your marketing plan to be average. Thanks for sharing Adam 🙂 – Jess

    1. @Adam Erhartlit* mixtapes from the 90s are my thing 🙂 I would be your number 1 listener for sure hahah

  4. “You can’t grow a business on popularity and vanity metrics alone.” Couldn’t agree more to this! Don’t ever feel bad for offering a product/service that you think is worth selling for. You’re a businessman at the end of the day!

  5. After I found out that money is only a tool to exchange for values, I stopped saving and started investing…. Invest your money to make more money, By saving your money you only lose its value and it gets depreciated…. a fellow creator

  6. Hello! I really like your video and I would like to ask for examples next time. A case study or something just so we kind of have the feel of the real work.

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