Robina shares several of the dos as well as do n’ts of great management, speak about the distinction in between women and also male supervisors, and also discloses her primary suggestion for any person taking their initial step right into administration. Robina’s publication, The Art of IT Management is readily available from our on the internet bookshop: 1mcwFRT

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  1. Robina,

    I like your interview in the 2016 spring version of the BCS ITNOW Magazine and especially the final question.

    Question “Where do you think managers should be focusing their attentions in 2016?”

    Answer “I think they should be focusing their attentions outside of their own organisations, scanning the whole world in terms of technical possibilities and technical advancements and looking at what other industries are doing. They should be bringing in those nuggets of wisdom to their own organisation and they should develop their information skills to be able to get the message across to the senior decision makers.”

    Today with the Open Compute Project and the open source hardware community we now have fabulous new technical possibilities but most people in traditional enterprise data centres seem to be oblivious of these and this reminds me of the people in the book Willful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan.

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