Watch to the END to see what occurs! Jeremy has been itching to purchase deserted storage items once more And he is been on a roll with 3 safes prior to now month At a reside public sale, he lastly has discovered a 4th locked protected This one is the largest but and as soon as belonged to a drug vendor It is time to deliver out ole trusty and the gang and discover out what’s inside Watch to the END to see what occurs! PUBLISHED ON: 10.31.22 DRUG DEALERS FULL SAFE Discovered In An Deserted Storage Unit ______________ Get Your What The Hale$ Gear / Hoodies / Hats / T-Shirts HERE: ______________ Get Your Personal Electrical Bike HERE: GET YOUR OLIGHT HERE: Coupon code: WTH10 ______________ IF YOU WANT TO SEND SOME LOVE: What The Hale$ P.O. Field 1006 Wooster, OH 44691 We would learn your fan mail or unbox your product in considered one of our future movies 😊 ______________ CONNECT WITH US: EMAIL: [email protected] EBAY STORE: WhatTheHales FACEBOOK: _______________ TAGS: #storagewars #cash #protected

14 Replies to “DRUG DEALERS FULL SAFE Found In An Abandoned Storage Unit”

  1. Those plugs are for adolescent weed plants and that meter is for for like the that they can use it for nutrients water etc. basically you had it right on the money in the beginning they were growing bud

  2. Wow Jeremy hit another safe I love those safe cracking videos awesome job Christian for getting into the safe love and prayers 🙏 to you Jeremy and George love you both ❤

  3. For growing it goes with the grow light, the plugs, the plugs are for started seeds. It’s ok, Gidy gave us the plant to use

  4. Mystery unit, all weird… not what you through but you got your money back and many then some. 💞🙏🏻🕊🇦🇺Bev, aussie

  5. Hey George And Jeremy I Just Wanted To Say Thanks For Making Me Laugh 😃 You All Are Awesome ,.Patience Your Laughter Is Contagious ,Christian Keep Breaking Locks 🔒 😊. I’ve Been In The PICU With My Nephew. He Has Juvenile Corea Of Huntington Disease. All I Want Is Prayers. THANK YOU In Advance. Keep Doing What You DO. George No Matter What You Bounce Back. GBU Always.

  6. Another fab funny vid, always enjoyable. If I had 1 of everything that I liked in these units I would have to rent a whole row of storage to keep it all in.

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