See for complete item brochure summary and also a checklist of functions. Compensate your WordPress site with a simple and also attractive to utilize item brochure plugin. Anticipate high top quality code which is wonderful worth not just for Developers and also Theme Constructors however likewise for Webmasters and also vendors. This eCommerce plugin is an excellent service for those that look for a simple means to carry out item monitoring to the WordPress web site.

This eCommerce shop like option functions with any type of motif and also many of WordPress plugins. See plugin web page on Songs by Quantum Jazz (CC BY-SA 3.0).

18 Replies to “eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress”

  1. I am start using eCommerce Product Catalog three months ago. This is a pretty aewsome plugin for wp. eCommerce Product Catalog makes my task essier than ever.

  2. Useless… next time try some voice over so we get a better feel of what the heck you are doing. Too much mouse movement, clicks and scrolling. Can this do a real simple catalog that can be pointed at Amazon for further information and pricing?

    1. Thank you for your feedback, we will upload some more tutorial videos. This one is just quick overview. You can slow down the video speed.

      You can create a simple catalog that can be pointed to Amazon with some template adjustments. How would you like to select the Amazon page that it should point to? A simple box where you insert the URL or perhaps some other way?

  3. hahahahaha Oh my God,,, such dumb vdo of such nice plugin….
    Hey ImpleCode why you ruin your image with such garbage vdo…

  4. To date (March 2018), the plugin is not working properly…
    Main Problems I discovered:
    – Categories do not work – suddenly disappearing complete or contained products get completely lost (in dasboard they are, but at the Frontend there is an empty container)
    – Menus do not work, its not possible to create any serious hierarchy
    – Produkt Photos sometimes appear, sometimes not – the reason is not clear.
    -Ugly old fashioned Design, Plugin does not work with any modern WordPress theme I tested…

  5. I need help. It seem that there is no button to do the payment. How can i enable it?? Because if not the customers can not even buy the product. Thanks.

  6. Good overview of what is possible – and it looks like quite a lot with this plugin + the various extensions. And I disagree with some of the negative comments: the video has English subtitles so can be paused or replayed to read details. That’s a good approach as many potential users/customers might have English as a second language anyway. The videos are helping me decide to use this or not by getting a look at how the admin interface works. So far I’m quite impressed. And the company website is informative.

  7. Having issues in setting up Quote Cart, email notifications, even after setting email ids, I am unable to receive mails
    Please guide

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