Ecwid vs WooCommerce, 2 of one of the most preferred ecommerce plugins for WordPress, however which one is the much better choice? Ecwid WooCommerce As WordPress is just one of one of the most preferred systems for constructing a site on the planet, it is easy to understand that individuals are mosting likely to wish to market using their web site. This is where Ecwid and also WooCommerce are available in to play as the both enable you to include ecommerce performance to your WordPress web site, yet they do it in various means, which I cover in this contrast video clip. I additionally check out what both of the plugins resemble to utilize and also just how well they collaborate with WordPress, in addition to the ecommerce includes that both of them offer the table.

As I stated in the video clip, I have actually additionally done a composed contrast in between these 2 plugins as well as you can inspect that out by clicking the web link listed below:
Ecwid vs WooCommerce (2022) – Which is the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugin?
I wish you discovered this video clip valuable as well as assisted you make a decision which one is the far better choice for your WordPress internet site. I such as on the video clip would truly be valued if you have. Timestamps 00:00 Intro 00:56 Pricing 03:05 Features 10:02 Getting Started & Dashboards 13:14 Managing Products & Inventory 17:22 Managing Orders 19:39 Themes & Design 21:37 Conclusion If you would love to sustain my network, you can do so by acquiring me a coffee making use of the web link listed below and also it is significantly valued: We additionally have a Facebook Group where we talk about all points ecommerce as well as you rate to sign up with:

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  1. Is it possible to integrate both plugins in your wordpress website ? e.g Keeping Ecwid for international payment gateways and Primary website functionality and Woocommerce for integrating local payment gateways ?

    1. You can run both plugins on the same WordPress site. But they won’t work in the way you asked as they both create their own product and checkout pages, meaning you would basically need duplicate pages of your products of which one was made using Ecwid and one made using WooCommerce and the transaction would then be processed via their respective checkout pages. This would probably be quite confusing for your customers.

    2. @EcommerceGold, That happen to me when I merge Ecwid with my word press site that was created by Alidropship, I end up having two different product catalogs as well as two different checkout carts, so what did I do wrong?

    3. @Clinton Houston if you are using two ecommerce plugins, then you will have two sets of products and checkouts.

    4. @EcommerceGold Ok, I understand, however I’ve done some stupid things with my website, because essentially, what I have is two different websites with the same name, I did change one of the names, but I went back to the same name for both websites that have different logos. I guess what I’m saying is I’m very confused, because at Ecwid, I have all sorts of marketing tools but they only work with the one catalog and not the other, I know they’re two different plugins, and that is why the marketing tools only works with one and not the other. Alidropship have plugins and service that you have to buy separately and they don’t really help you that much when it comes to the service part. In other words there is some false advertising in my opinion.

  2. Brilliant video, just one question.

    When adding products to Ecwid via the WordPress pluging, these products and images are actually hosted on Ecwid and not your WordPress host? Or this only applies when adding products on Ecwid?


    1. Thank you, I hope you found it helpful.
      Yes, all of your product pages, images and checkout are all hosted on the Ecwid servers, whether you add them via the Eciwd plugin or directly through the Ecwid dashboard.

    1. No problem, hope you found it helpful.
      To move from Woo to Ecwid, you first need to sign up to Ecwid (it would be appreciated if you use my link and then install the Ecwid plugin on WP.
      Next, in your WP dashboard go to Tools β†’ Import β†’ Ecwid Products & Categories and run the importer. It should then have an option to import the product catalog from WooCommerce, then follow the instructions on screen and it should import all your products.
      You will still have to set other things up manually such as payment gateways etc. Hope this helps

    2. Just yesterday I migrate from woocommerce to Ecwid, and I have to say that I am not satisfied at all in this moment. So many things are not on the level that they should be. I really hope that in the next days I will change my mind, but if you would ask me today, I do not recommend migrating…

    3. Sorry to hear you aren’t having a good experience with Ecwid at the moment. I hope that it does improve for you.

    4. @Peter Weixler What is the reason? I am thinking of using ecwid with wp and wondering what is your experience?

    5. @Peter AH. Cizmar some thing are great on Ecwid, but some are not… I am thinking to go back to woocomerce, but still not sure.

  3. One question if you have a free plan on ecwid and you install the ecwid plugin on WordPress. will I be able to still do the things I couldn’t do on the free plan on eciwd on my WordPress site?
    Q2: could I run both woocommerce and ecwid because since the free plan limits you to certain things if I have both I could I get access to most of the things that’s for free on woocommerce

    1. Q1: The free plan is the same whether you use Ecwids website builder or install the Ecwid plugin on WordPress.
      Q2: You can run both on WordPress but you will have two sets of products, one created using Ecwid and one using WooCommerce.

    2. @EcommerceGold so could I just not add products on woocommerce and only ecwid too only have one set of products.
      Q2: if I install ecwid could I keep my site theme that I made on WordPress but just use ecwids services basically sorry if I worded that wrong and sorry for the spam of questions. Thank you for replying!

    3. You will still have two sets of products, one that you created using Ecwid and the other using WooCommerce and they will have to be managed using their respective plugins. You will also have two sets of category pages and two checkouts running on your site.
      Q2: Ecwid works with any WordPress theme, you just integrate it into your WordPress dashboard and then add it to your pages using shortcodes or blocks.

  4. What does “It creates SEO from urls” even mean? Almost every other platform generates SEO friendly urls and does a better job usually. But that’s just a tiny aspect of SEO. Also, it’s funny how they promote free SSL as a feature when it’s free everywhere now. If you are charged for SSL, you are being scammed.

    1. I’m guessing you are talking about Ecwid? All of the URLs are generated from the product title, this doesn’t happen automatically with WooCommerce as it all depends on how the permalinks are set up. Also, its not really funny that they promote it as all ecommerce platforms including Shopify and Bigcommerce promote that they have a free SSL certificate and platforms where you pay for an SSL usually end up balancing out price wise to those that include it, so not really being scammed

    2. @EcommerceGold OK so it generates mediocre urls automatically while woocommerce automatically generates any url structure required but it requires a 10 second setup. Nobody pays for SSL now days. Even when companies charged you for SSL, non profit organizations such as letsencrypt gave away SSL certificates for free. You just needed to enable those in your cpanel. Companies charged for SSL just because they could. It costs nothing.

    3. Yes, they both generate URL’s automatically.
      I don’t completely agree with you on that one, yes letsencrypt allows you to have a free SSL but there are different levels off SSL certificate and letsencrypt is the most basic. Ideally, ecommerce websites should have a higher level of security, including SSL by having an DV certificate that carries a warranty at minimum or preferably an OV or EV SSL, as the sites hold more sensitive information.
      Letsencrypt is great but should really only be used for things like blogs or simple business websites.

  5. I was a fan of Ecwid and chose them over Woocommerce since they seemed more digital product friendly. It was a little frustrating to see that there aren’t many integrations with Ecwid including site builders such as Elementor & Brizy. We upgraded to their Business plan since we did need the ability to connect to Mailchimp (which honestly should be included in their Venture plan). Then when you dig deeper, you realize that Ecwid doesn’t offer simple processes that their competitors do. One of them is selling license keys. Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. offer this. Their development team just quoted us $5,000 to develop this?! Now we’re stuck with them for a year. Their documentation is outdated and they don’t expand on their capability to upload 25GB per digital file. I was rooting for them as no one has ever heard of them, but I think they’re the underdog for a reason.

    1. Thanks for the comment and it is always interesting to hear about peoples experience with the different platforms.
      I do agree that there are areas where Ecwid can be improved, but I think that about every platform out there! For license keys, aren’t additional plugins or apps required for this?

    2. ​@EcommerceGold I absolutely agree. Yes, but the apps/plugins are readily available and I’m just surprised that Ecwid doesn’t offer it. Also their support team even suggested that, if anything, we contact an independent developer as their prices are high. It’s just a huge disadvantage and a disappointment.

    3. I think expansion of the Ecwid app marketplace is one area they should actively work on as this is why WooCommerce and Shopify are so popular as they offer a core shopping cart, which can then be customised by the user with apps etc. I am sorry to hear that Ecwid has been a disappointment though and wish I could offer some solution for you to make it work.

    4. @EcommerceGold thank you for all of your videos and invaluable information! I should have lead with that first πŸ™‚

    1. @EcommerceGold yes. I just install a couple of plugins and my speed on desktop is terrible, a and in Cellphone is pretty πŸ‘Ž.

    2. SEO and speed are different things. From my testing, they were both very similar when it come to speed on WordPress but adding additional plugins for WooCommerce will slow a site down a bit.
      The thing is with WordPress, there are so many variables when it comes to speed and performance such as hosting, number of plugins, plugin conflicts, theme and optimisation. You need to use a tool like GTMetrix to see a breakdown of your sites performance, so that you can see what is causing the slow load time, then you can fix it.

  6. hello, you say that it is not necessary to place the SSL certificate, so what would you need to buy for wordpress is a domain and hosting and nothing else?

    1. Hi, if it’s for using Ecwid, then you don’t need an SSL certificate for the WordPress site but it is best practice to have one on their anyway. But yes, you need to buy a domain and hosting but most hosts include a free lets encrypt SSL certificate.

  7. Thanks a lot for this review Paul! I was looking at Shopwired, but as I already have a WordPress site I think I’ll go for Ecwid and try it out! This video ha really helped me understand what Woocommerce is like and the pros and cons of both!!

    1. No problem, glad it was helpful. Yes, if you already have WordPress site then Ecwid is definitely worth checking out, especially as they have a free package so other than a bit of time, it won’t cost you anything. If you do give Ecwid a try, I would really appreciate it if you went through my link –

  8. How do I add my new store on wps, separate from my other site? seems like its integrating with my existing with website.

    1. @EcommerceGold omg! I have to be doing the wrong thing. i’m doing something wrong. because it still on my main page.
      ok im taking a break lol thanks

    2. I can’t think of anything else to suggest, you should contact Ecwid support and they should be able to provide a solution.

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