Competitors remain in every area, so I decided to go into 1,000 of them, to see what I might win. To utilize this video clip in a company individual or in programs, please e-mail [email protected] Songs: Womb – Magic for Learners Womb – Tomarchin Primix for Youngsters – Phresh

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  1. I got into contesting aka sweeping, a few years ago. I went to a meeting where everyone shares leads on various drawings, and what they’ve won. Mostly a lot of junk like sipper bottles or size small T-shirts, but one couple there just returned from a major auto race they won tix to, and when “their driver” won the race, they won a car and some really nice leather jackets. They actually turned down the car and took cash because they have won so many cars. Maybe 12. They specialize in stuffing boxes that are in retail locations. They drive all over and fill out as many entry forms as they can, using variations of their names and their kids’ names. I googled them recently and the husband just won $40,000 in a weight-loss competition.

    1. That is impressive! Sounds like they’ve turned comping into a full-on lifestyle. Did you ever win anything from the ones you entered?

  2. Silverpicker sent me here. Loved the video, make sure to thank silverpicker for giving you an extra subscriber πŸ˜‰

    1. @Andrew Made A Film wow, Thanks for replying! I was under the impression you had sent 1,000 letters lol

    2. @bean coolant Nah, a lot of the magazine competitions allowed you to enter around 10-20 at a time, and individual stamps are about 50p (I think). And I entered a lot of the other competitions online, so it wasn’t too bad cost-wise given the size of the project. I think I technically made a profit in the end with the estimated cost of the prizes

  3. Great job on this video! Very interesting and entertaining cinematography. πŸ‘

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