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15 Replies to “French Montana Says Labels Take Out Life Insurance on Rappers”

  1. Flakko needs to listen to slim jesus if he wanna hear fake drill 🤣 flakko you cant say the rapper you like that disses the dead is different than someone you dont like who disses the dead

  2. Guys, educate yourself. Life insurance is best when the person is still alive. There is something called cash value in an insurance policy which grows money tax free as long as the owner of the policy pays into the policy.

    Second, the person insured DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE for the owner of the policy to get paid, it’s called living benefits. If the insured get terminally ill, chronically I’ll, critically I’ll or critically Injured, the owner can get paid the death benefit.

    It’s a Great idea. It’s called “Key Man” insurance. Businesses and companies get key man life insurance on their key employees because they bring revenue for the business and if that key employee gets sick, inured or passes away, the company loses millions of dollars.

    Every small business from barbershops to large corporations like Amazon have key man insurance policies.

  3. How many black companies has flakko actually invested into. If he is still using these apps and companies that don’t stand for the culture then it makes you a hypocrite. You gotta stand on the shit you say and claim to stand for.

  4. ain’t nobody buyin albums man that’s what’s fuckin numbers up especially when you can hear it for free

  5. This foo ain’t about the culture he’s just invested hard to look like he is but he’s just tryna build himself up with enough following to bounce out can’t even answer the questions

  6. I need flakkko to stop saying people flopped with his scale because album sales aren’t calculated the same as it was years ago or the same on each platform

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