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20 Replies to “Full Paintball Match | Dynasty vs Red Legion & Infamous vs Ironmen: Mid Atlantic Major”

  1. I just started playing paintball on Saturday and now I’m buying a gun and gonna start going out every weekend. It’s amazing never thought I’d like something this much

    1. I am right there with you. I just played my second day yesterday and now I am looking at some start up kits and am planning on playing more myself. Wish I would have started 10 years ago. Lol Ridiculous amount of fun. Way beyond what I thought it would be.

    2. @Carson 710 depending on what set up you are looking for I would try for an Etha 3 electronic or Mechanical . I just bought one and it is easily the most user friendly gun i have got so far

  2. Dynasty always complains about penalties, the entire league knows this, and they constantly get calls on the field when they ask for it. I’m glad they’re guys like Maloy who are not afraid to call it out on the field in front of everyone, it ruins competition. Especially when refs are calling out players based on what they’re hearing from players and coaches not what they are actually seeing. That shit can’t be fixed by reviewing unless you start assessing no points for bad pulls/calls.

    1. @Jax I’ve been a Dynasty fan since the 2000s and I can’t stand people who scream “RAHHHFFFF” and argue like little bitches the whole game, reminds me of Soccer and it isnt professional…

  3. Esports is showing you dont need to paywall big matches
    but you are just interested in milking people’s wallets
    this channel is not worth peoples time

    1. This comment was posted on a free video. We are sorry you feel this way but almost all matches become free after the event ends so you can rewatch the action without paying!

  4. it’s awesome to see the legion becoming that team that everyone is afraid of again. I miss the days of dynasty, xsv, RL just having a slugfest every event.

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