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16 Replies to “Complete range expand light contrast examination – COB vs Re…”

  1. Hey! What’s Seth Meyers doing talking about grow lights??!! LOL. . . . thanks for the info! Now I know what to buy!

  2. Wow this is a little complicated for me as a new grower but appreciate the info.

    One thing I was curious about was you mentioned infra red as a measurement of heat and it doesn’t contribute to growth? I thought that heat was directly linked to growth, more heat up to a point, equals more growth or better use of light to grow. Cold temps going the opposite way and stunting growth.

    I’m a noob so forgive my noobyness if this is a dumb thing to say.

  3. Green light does not do anything to the plants I live in Michigan USA and I cen grow weed here and I use green lights to work at night time it does not hurt the plants in bud or anything

  4. Awesome video! I just watched your video on lights and wish I had seen it a year ago. I’m growing tomatoes in a grow tent and just not having any luck. Last year I’m sure I overwatered and fed. I have three T5 fluorescent ballasts and have been using a mix of blue, red, and white. My electric usage has skyrocketed. Im thinking to change to led lights in these ballasts (with the help of a licensed electrician. What are your thoughts?

  5. Solid for the knowledge 💯 watching from New Zealand gathering all the knowledge i can to grow potent frosty skunky 420budz

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