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15 Replies to “Full Spectrum Grow Lights : Plants & Light #201”

  1. Cud u talk about the use of automation on spectrum control and any ways to make it easier for a somewhat noobie to automation

  2. Nice to see you back Farmer Tyler, and Thank You for a new and informative video on the evolving role of the light spectrum on plants. Do you believe that when choosing such a full-spectrum/white light we still need to be careful about the B:R ratio? For example, in such lights, will having a higher intensity peak/area of B (400-500 nm) than the R peak intensity/area (600-700 nm) still lead to excessive plant/leaf compactness, or does the intensity/area of the 500-600 nm region now also have a significant effect, like red, offsetting the effect of blue? Thanks!

  3. Hy new question for ya can plants live only off neon lights how many colors are needed or is 1 or 2 enough for a plant🤔

  4. Blurple are gross and I never had any interest and regardless to efficiency ultimately can’t be that healthy as they are by nature deficient. I’ve experienced awesome growth under full spectrum LED’s, (with some orange and reds in the setup like yours), and no doubt they are delivering the true promise of revolutionary LED’s.

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