Stress: 2 x Zkittlez Fem. Outdoor tents:60 x60 centimeters camping tent Crawler farmer SF1000led: United States: Canada: AU: UK/DE/EU: website:

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  1. I dont get how tf he got em thst big qirh one 1000 thats awesome just got my luggt melon farm uses the exact same stuff spider farmer does but was 50 bucks

  2. I’ve done a few runs under the sf1000. One was a massive Blueberry auto. Was very nice….ohhh the smell. Grown 100% organic. Was a Very nice run. Did LST…..worked great in a 5 gal fab pot. Next run was same genetics in 3 gal pots with the same soil n such. Pheno 1 looked like I was growing poison oak. Pheno 2 grew nice till she started show pistils….. then stopped growth all together. I thought about it for a few…. Called a friend of mine who grows with synthetics. He gave me a water bottle full of nutrients and said this would help. I used it on one plant and keep up with the organics on the other. Once the grow was finished the plants with the synthetics grew fat and looked great. The other was smaller and yielded way less but tasted so good and was way more Stoney. I think the sf 1000 is great for small space grows and beginners. I would really love to know the lite height through grow from seed to flower and the power settings as well assuming the person was able to adjust it.

  3. So is that an auto flower? because there is no inclusion of the veg period if its a photoperiod plant, Needed to be lolly popped….to much popcorn

    1. Thanks for your reply, could you plz let me know more details? Like tent size, light wattage and more, could you plz provide me your email? Then we can talk further, thanks

    1. For SF1000, seedling 25β€˜β€™-30β€˜β€™οΌŒ veg 18β€˜β€™-24β€˜β€™οΌŒ flower 12β€˜β€™-18β€˜β€™, more details, you can refer to the product listing~

    1. The size of SF1000 is the same. This light looks larger should be because of the angle of the photo. Sorry we do not know the size of this tent

    1. SF1000, 100WΒ±5%@AC100-277V. It is normal that there may be 5% difference of the light’s power according to different area’s electricity using condition

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