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15 Replies to “Grow Light Setup + Updates | NEW Spider Farmer 600”

  1. I just got my sf-600 as well. I have them over my cactus seedlings. 🙂 I like how you made yours a part of the room’s lighting fixtures. 👍🏼

  2. I’m sorry, your videos have became all about you buying plants and knowing the names. No information in any of your videos. I used to like your videos and now you have just become obsessed with plants and just keep buying.

  3. Christine if you want your string of hearts get less leggy and put out leafs closer to each other it needs a bright southern window I think, the light that grow light i giving might not be enough as it has very long internodes.

  4. Omg your husband is so cute “ok just get a shot of these” to show us the pieces to the light 😆

  5. Could you do a care video on string of hearts, or if you’ve done it before, could you direct me to that video? I recently saw string of hearts on sale and would like to try that next, but i’ve had seen conflicting information on their care. Hope you can help!

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