Medical Insurance Comparison – How to Save on Your Health Insurance Plan|Anthem ” Did you recognize that wellness treatment prices are various depending on the company? The majority of wellness insurance coverage service providers have an on-line website made to aid their consumers see as well as contrast prices promptly as well as quickly. Conserve cash and also contrast prices making use of online devices that reveal you just how much suppliers bill for the solutions you require. Sight and also contrast medical insurance intends from Anthem: Subcribe to even more video clips and also playlists from Anthem: See our internet site:

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  1. Buyer beware!!!

    Son had an aggressive form of eye condition called keratinous. We got pre-approval for a procedure [after many hoops] and had it done. While the Doctor performed the procedure he came out and told us “look there are 2 things that we need to do, upper eye procedure and strengthen the cornea.” How bad could it be to submit these 2 additional items to Anthem? We had pre-approval for the 1st procedure. Surely there would be some consideration.

    NO! They have denied us 3 times and have left us with a $29,000 bill. Thanks Anthem! Real solid help when we needed it. Last week we had $50 for groceries thanks to our new $29K bill.

    If you are considering these clowns for coverage, PLEASE buy your coverage from someone else who will not “F” you when you need them.

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