Partly 2 of our wellness collection, we take the pulse of one of the most costly component of Australia’s wellness system – our health centers. Emergency situation people obtain excellent treatment in public health centers however it can be a shateringly long haul for optional surgical treatment. There are considerable out of pocket expenses, also for individuals that pay hundreds, if not thousands of bucks a year for personal wellness insurance policy. There’s global arrangement that the very best service would certainly be less individuals mosting likely to health center – which will certainly need to imply even more concentrate on preventative treatment. Tracy Bowden reports with manufacturer Amy Donaldson. For Part 1, go here: For Part 3, go here: For much more from ABC News, click on this link: Sign up for us on YouTube: You can additionally like us on Facebook: Or follow us on Instagram: And even on Twitter:

In component 2 of our health and wellness collection, we take the pulse of the most pricey aspect of Australia’s health and wellness system – our health centers.

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  1. Yes & DNA upgrades are here too, soon we will be telling our doctors what our illness is & what to prescribe for it.

  2. Producing an expensive multi-part analysis of all that is wrong with Neo-conservative social engineering whilst promoting Neo-conservative propaganda at the top of your news.

  3. It’s true private hospital cover is so expensive. And then you’ll have to pay a huge out of pocket if you want the treatment done right away instead of waiting for public waiting list. If you’re under 50 and don’t have a have a family history of cancer or other terminal illness, I don’t recommend hospital cover.

    However, it’s worth getting the extras only if you need dental, optical, chiro, physio, remedial massages, psychology, CPAP machines and so on.

  4. Isn’t multiculturalism just great 😆, diversity bollards, terror raids and Supermax prison’s. Commenting here since ABC have decided what us Australians are allowed to comment on

    1. @igeto12 I said why in the post. It’s because ABC wouldn’t let Aussies comment on one of their propaganda YouTube stories.

    2. @igeto12 your the one who brought colour into it . My comment is about culture not colour

    3. Yes, and diversity is amazing, too, with enclaves of invaders. Same types as are being brought in have no reciprocal concept of “Diversity” or “multiculturalism” in their own lands.

  5. 90% of modern lifestyle chronic diseases are preventable. Government is spending already too much on Medicare. Prevention is better than cure. Stop eating processed food and stop eating too many times. You won’t get any disease. Problem is people are too attached to food, it becomes an emotional issue to them. First world problem.

    1. @Brain Washed Generation

      >>In that study, participants should not eat processed food, sugar or smoke.

      Obviously it makes no difference, so long as both groups do this to the same extent.

    2. @Dinar AndFriends
      I’m 36 years old and gulp down dairy and meat products. I have no diabetes, cholesterol, nothing nothing bad.
      I do also keep my weight in check and exercise a fair bit, I sleep well, I don’t drink grog.

      Unfortunately or fortunately we are designed to eat meat and I don’t care what anyone says that is the truth.

    3. @coasteys coasteys Chronic illnesses rarely show up at 36. It’s like saying that you’ve jumped off a tall building and can fly because you haven’t hit the ground yet.

      And no, humans are not designed to eat meat. The exact opposite is true: our entire physiology is designed to eat plants. I have a PhD in this subject, you have a very limited understanding based on watching random You Tube videos.
      >> and I don’t care what anyone
      You sound completely irrational and disinterested in the science, so I won’t bother attempting to have an intelligent discussion with you. Good luck with the cancer and cardiovascular disease when you get to your fifties, though!

    4. @Dinar AndFriends if it was that bad then I’d be getting sick by now. How did you you come up with 50’s?
      My grandmother lived until 91 but passed due to being given the flu shot first time.
      As a scientist you do know that the body requires fats to live right?
      My family ancestry all lived off the farm so eating meat milk everything and majority lived well into 80s. Those that died younger abused alcohol so there you go.

      If we weren’t meant to eat meat then we couldn’t possibly digest it.

    5. @coasteys coasteys
      >> if it was that bad then I’d be getting sick by now.
      Obviously not. You could have no symptoms a couple of months before you die of cancer.
      >>you do know that the body requires fats to live right?
      I have no idea what random website you get your “facts” from. There are two fatty acids which are essential, both of which are found in plant food.
      >>f we weren’t meant to eat meat then we couldn’t possibly digest it. can digest shit. Why don’t you eat that?

      You lack even the most basic understanding of medicine and physiology, but you are so arrogant that you think you are an expert. Please learn some basic humility, for your own sake.

  6. She would be better off moving to a healthy diet (i.e., 100% whole-food plant-based rather than junk-food/meat-based). Then she can lose weight and stop wasting money on private medical insurance.

  7. With that money and years payment for private insurance, I will fly to China or Japan for the operation to have better skilled, more experienced doctors. They may not look or sound as nice as the doctors here but they are much alerting as they have more obligations and social expectations under the system there.

    1. EXACTLY. Our tax is not their entitlement whereby they can keep boasting in record budget surplusses. As the American Revolutionary proclaimed: NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

  8. hahaha ER best in the world? Like when you sent me home with a bilateral pulmonary embolism and could not even ultrasound because you hire no-one on a weekend? And when my daughter is in cardiac blue zone after waiting 7.5 hours for fluid replacement therapy? (Whereas in Egypt my wife was treated for a similar case in 30 minutes)? PROPAGANDA IS MAGIC!

  9. “A trauma service of excellence.” TRUE, since I have never felt more traumatized prior to being a patient in Aussie ER.

  10. I have used Essential oil, Oregano oil, Coconut oil, Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famciclovir, Tea Tree oil but nothing works. All thanks to Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube who used his Herbal supplement to cure my Herpes Simplex virus type 1&2..

  11. Was always under the impression that Australia has one the best healthcare in the world as advertised. But every time we go to through healthcare system, I can say it is far from the best. In fact, I can get far better healthcare in my home country, with only a fraction of the cost. . And every experience to any doctor private / public has been nothing short of traumatic which i cannot go into all the details here but anyone who has had a fracture or an injury would know. So no thanks, i would rather buy tickets and fly back home to get treated.

  12. As a disability pensioner with mental health diagnosis I can’t go without private health insurance as Australia has a very deficient public psychiatric system. Even if I did get admitted to public system there is no therapy just medication and sit round all day. If I want to function this is my only choice to have insurance also seeing psychiatrist is beyond many as I don’t know of any who bulk bill! This means there is massive burden on public mental health system leaving admission only for severe psychotic patients. Since paying private insurance I have realised that if I need certain surgery like joint replacement despite having top insurance I may have to go public as out of pocket expenses in private system beyond my means make me sad and angry but the only thing I can think of to bring premiums down or stop them rising is to take off levy after age of 30yo so it will make it more affordable and attract younger people back into the private system. Not sure what I’ll do if premiums keep rising at current rate as into old age I just will not be able to do it I nearly can now.

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