Just how do Invisalign supports job? Invisalign is a relatively brand-new oral therapy that corrects the teeth, yet unlike dental braces, they are detachable! Dr Mark Hughes, a specialist aesthetic dental expert, clarifies specifically just how Invisalign job.

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  1. Listen I had the wire braces when I was 16. When your teeth are moving…..they hurt, they itch, you want to rip the teeth out of your head thinking it will feel so much better if you do. To me Invisalign sucks because if your child is weak minded or not responsible or lacks the discipline of absorbing a dull aching pain. They will start by not wearing the plastic retainer more and more and more. And you’ll be out $1000’s of dollars. The wired one’s have a clear option, but they are forced meaning it’s a good thing you can’t remove them. Buy a waterpick. Life is easy with that. Money well spent. To me Invisalign is only good for after the wire braces and the retainer can help to keep your teeth where they are casually. But again I opted for the interior wire permanent braces that nobody can see as my retainer. And don’t let any Dentist or Orthodontist tell you “Oh you don’t want that or you want this” Their job should merely be to inform you of the pro’s and con’s, the pricing and then you decide! Any Orthodontist that tries to steer you towards one or the other is benefiting financially in some way!

    1. That’s exactly what my ortho did! He told me “you don’t want the permanent retainers because x, y, z.” I’d benefit much more if I had those instead!

  2. Fuck me is what i say because literally i fucked myshelf by getting Invisalign 5 days in and I should had chosen the brackets!!! It’s annoying must wear them like he said at least 22 hours a day. There’s 24 hours in a day, so which mean you only have two hours to be off your mouth. Breakfast, lunch and dinner 40 minutes each meal. Cant enjoy your meal. Takes 10 minutes the whole process of putting them on. Floss, brush, wash Invisalign, and then put the Invisalign.

  3. I stopped wearing my retainer after a year, and I don’t want to get traditional braces back on so here I am

    1. Dude same. My teeth shifted a bit after not wearing retainers for over 6 years. Its not a big difference but i still wanna see if they can shift back😔

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  5. Invisalign’s are probably not for kids. A lot of work putting in taking out no snacking! You cannot eat or snack or drink anything but water with them. Each time I take them out and put them back in you need to brush your teeth! They do not hurt on my teeth I don’t feel any kind of pain! The only thing that bothers is the epoxy they put on your teeth in certain places your teeth need to move more to hold the liners there in place. The epoxy is little sharp bumps that scrap on your gums when u have the aligners out to eat it makes sores in your mouth!

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