Just how do you secure Invisalign? Below Dr. Jono from Gluck Orthodontics reveals you a very easy and also quick method to eliminate your aligners.

22 Replies to “Just how do you secure Invisalign? Below Dr. Jono from Gluck…”

  1. Its not that easy if you have a lot of attachments. It feels like they are going to break when taking them off

  2. Can you do the bottom ones please. Im struggling to take out my bottom ones and every video has been on top 😭

  3. this is properly the most stupid way to take it out, it will hurt so badly . My tip is slowly with the finger nail gram the end each side down bit, then use both finger nail to grap the edged of the aligner down

  4. This is so stupid
    Pulling from only 1 side will weakening the part of the aligner
    Also it’s painful to do this

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! We are always open to suggestions for how to improve. Have an awesome day!

  5. I struggle with the top aligner. It is my first day and it almost took me 10 min just to get the top part off😭

  6. Yeah it’s easy, unless you have crooked teeth and attachments. I’m on the first week and at this point I can’t eat because they physically won’t come out. I broke all my nails trying too. Shouldn’t they just include a remover tool with them?

    1. Great question! There are some remover tools you can purchase, and some of our patients have tried them. Everyone is different. We tell our patients to be patient, and know that it will get easier with time. Good luck!

    2. @Gluck Orthodontics thank you! Unfortunately, I’ve only learnt about the existence of these tools from videos like yours, days after my aligners were fitted. I think they should give one to each patient just in case.

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