Store MIGRO ARAY (international transport): Our Amazon US retailer (Free US transport): page/4BDC0968-9E70-42AE-98AC-B8EF62D40995 Bulk orders: Contact us at [email protected] for a citation The brand new MIGRO ARAY LED develop lights are modular and versatile to suit any develop area. Excessive effectivity Meanwell and Lifud drivers mix with Excessive Effectivity LEDs by Samung to ship wonderful mild depth or PAR output with minimal energy consumed. Effectivity of two.7PPF per watt and examined system effectivity of two.3 to 2.4 usable PPF per watt (relying on mannequin) The sunshine output is full spectrum and appropriate for rising from seed to reap. Observe us: Instagram: Fb: TikTok:

24 Replies to “How I design an LED grow light | The new MIGRO ARAY LED grow light”

  1. Photos on the site cannot be enlarged. You have to open the photo in a new page to enlarge it.

  2. Best grow light fixtures available for versatility, efficiency, light weight, along with beautiful looking components.
    Have a large, heavy, foldable, 8 bar-800W fixture in the 5’x5′ right now. A “Sample” fixture from a Chinese company. Several things wrong, right away, like the light bars shining up, rather than down! Basically, unfolding upside down, but I unscrewed the two “folding peices” and turned them around 180°. 800W Driver..? Guess they were out, so 4-200W drivers spaced tightly together, thus making them extremely hot. Gotta have a fan blowing on them. That really helped with a Digital, square wave 630W ballast used with a 630W DE-CMH, so hopefully that’ll help. Asked for an extension for The Driver. Got an extended power cord, instead! I’ve had to be Positive and laugh. Otherwise, I’d go crazy these days!
    With a Migro Array 12(?), I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. I’ve watched Shane and his amazing work for years now, and have always seen his lights as “Top of The Line”! Definitely my next fixture. Migro always means Top tier lighting fixtures!👍💯☀️🪴✌️

  3. Great lights (Aray 12 owner); I love them. As an electrician, I do not hang weight on electric cords; so I did my own thing, which took but a minute to figure out. Nonetheless, they perform perfectly!
    I love the flexibility as a grower who changes things around from time to time versus having a huge light that fits a specific size/area. Additionally, the remote driver(s) are worth their weight in gold for those who struggle with maintaining temperature.

    ***Bonus*** When you bang your head on them, we all do it, they hurt much less than heavy lights!

    Appreciated, and Steven(?) is correct; these lights need to be promoted. I wish I knew about them ~$1500 ago.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the kind words,

      In relation to hanging from the cables, we have stress tested the cables up to a weight of 35kg with no issues.

      We understand your concern but it is perfectly safe to hang these fixtures as designed.

      Good luck with your grows.

  4. lets say 800ppfd with an led..and 800ppfd with hps..there is waaay more red ppfd in how much ppfd will the led produce? iam guessing around a third..we need more red diodes in these fixtures

    1. @MIGRO i love the way led people bang on about get 1.5g per watt which sounds great but lets forget that and talk about gram per meter..with a tent 2.4 x 1.2 you would put in 2 x 600w led and you get 1800g of tiny popcorn..with hps you would use 2x 1000w de hps and get 1 gram per watt which is still 2000g..and its all big fat conkers.and its waaay better than 1800g of popcorn….being cheap and efficient doesnt come into it when you are after the best..same story with 315cmh

  5. Great info Shane. I remember asking about the Aray 218s and why you don’t use 301s.
    When you replied the about efficiency it all fell into place. Now I’m not too concerned about seeing 218s instead of 301s advertised on fixtures.

    1. @MIGRO
      Thanks mate, i felt embarrassed after you set it straight. Prob why i didn’t reply afterwards.
      Sincerest appreciation Shane. Much love from Down Under

    2. @MIGRO
      Lol cheers Shane. I was high when i commented, excuse the 218 (edit: 281*) mistake – apologies and thanks again

  6. So @Sean.. how many modular units be run off of one driver( though I know they will arrive with their respective driver each ), because I have issues with my wiring in an old apartment. Since the @MigroArray units come equiped with Samsung LED diodes, I know they will b nice-&-bright even under low current( i.e. underpowered running of multiple units, off-of one driver ).

    1. Hi,

      You can daisy chain up to 3 of the 4 bar fixtures for power (750 watts) and daisy chain up to 15 for dimming.

      The Voltage / Current 110V / 2.2 Amp; 220V / 1.2 Amp is for one ARAY 4, if your using an ARAY 8 this will double and if using an ARAY 12 this will treble when daisy chaining for power.


    1. Hi,

      Great to hear your happy with the ARAY 2.

      We will be releasing the one bar fixtures in about three weeks time, you can signup to the website for notifications on the release.


  7. Shane….blowing his own fucking trumpet, about fucking time, if you can show me a more honest led light seller/advocate, I’ll show my arse in woolies window…all hail Migro!!!

  8. It’s about time you promoted your own light, explaining why you made everything the way you did is extremely helpful and I know someone whos a new grower who could definitely could use a light just like this where you can adjust the height on just one part if you want and I never thought about how well this light would work for them until now

  9. I love your lights, very powerful, however they don’t pair well with other lights, especially in a smaller setup. I’d definitely recommend them for anyone looking to grow with maximum efficiency in a larger tent or a space that is the perfect size for the lights coverage. But for your average 2×4/ 2×2, even a 4×4 id have to recommend a quantum board, like spider farmer or ideally karma horticulture, because the diodes are more centralised, instead of shining down the walls.

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