In todays video I use Crest 3D Whitening Strips and get insane results! Crest 3D Whitening Strips: SUBSCRIBE – My Gear: Camera – Tripod – Headset – Mic – Mouse – KeyBoard – Mouse Pad – Follow Me On My Socials! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed! Tags: crest, crest whitestrips, tooth, beauty tips, teeth, health, therapy, whitening, home, dental, dentistry (industry), how, whitened, my, at, cheap, diy, how to whiten teeth, yellow teeth, crest 3d whitening strips, how to whiten teeth at home, how to get rid of yellow teeth, how to whiten your teeth, teeth whitening, how to whiten your teeth at home, how i whitened my teeth in 14 days

18 Replies to “How I Whitened My Teeth in 14 Days!”

  1. Ok GoAtA Be NiCe aNd QuIEt FoR DaDdY…… CORVETTE CORVETTE HOP IN THE JE- *and it was at this moment that he knew, he ducked up*

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