FREE Live Chat: In this tutorial, i will certainly reveal you just how to utilize and also set up tidio conversation for your wordpress site. The online conversation plugin functions for mobile applications as well as well as is extremely insightful I assume everybody needs to have this real-time conversation plugin. Its FREE as well as you have actually absolutely nothing to shed! View this tutorial as well as unwell program you exactly how to include online conversation in wordpress in no time at all!

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  1. So I am nearly done building my site and have a few questions.

    1.If I wanted to add an online shopping cart to my site, what do you recommend? I broke my site using wooCommerce and had to fix a lot of stuff. I’m looking for something I can just add on without overhauling my entire site.

    2.What is your prefered analytics tool/plugin? I’d love to be able to set an alert on my phone to hear/see/get notified when someone visits my site. I was using this feature on wix and I loved it.

    3.What are the best optimization techniques/tools do you use to make sure everything is running fine?

    4.Do you recommend using wordpressdotcom jetpack for the .org site?

    5. Is yoast the best SEO tool?

    6. How do I set a feature image for the Categories?

  2. Awesome.. just wondering what pluggin you recommend for a mobile app for my ecommerce store? Thanks in advance

  3. I was about to hire someone to do it and in 5 minutes with your tutorial….done! Thank you so much!
    I can’t believe it was that easy!

  4. Hi darrel, I am currently developing a website using WP for a tuition platform and require video conferencing for users to use on 1-to-1 meeting session, appreciate if you could recommend/advice which wp-plugin that i can use for multi-user and multi-hosting video conferencing. Thank you.

  5. This plugin is great! Using this plugin along with Wordfence I realized a visitor was trying to hack into my site. So I sent them a polite message letting them know I could see everything they were trying to look at.

    1. Hi, How did you know they were trying to hack and not just visit? Just wondering how you copped on to this?…

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