Exactly how to select a strategy in the Health Insurance Marketplace When you contrast Marketplace insurance coverage strategies, they’re placed right into 5 groups based on just how you and also the strategy can anticipate to share the expenses of treatment: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, as well as Catastrophic. The group you select impacts just how much your premium expenses each month and also what section of the costs you pay for points like healthcare facility sees or prescription medicines.

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  1. So how does this factor in getting hit by a random drunk driver, or getting caught in a burning building, or cancer? There are situations no one can predict or prepare for. What happens to those people? How do they get help when cost for medical care is so high?

  2. Now if we can only get the Insurance Cartel out from between me and my doctor like it is now. The plan keeps the Insurance Cartel in charge for the most part but does set 10 minimum care standards and that has long been needed. The many wak-a-doodles who call the ACA government interference could really use the mental healthcare provide for in the ACA. Way to go Barack in fulfilling an idea almost a 100 years old. Also an idea born in the minds of the Conservative Heritage Foundation. They had it right back then. If only the NoPublicans of today could see past the money that bought out their souls.  If only we can move to a Single Payer or Medicare for All model that provides real competition for the insurance cartel.

  3. I had to send photocopies of my license, birth certificate, SS #, Military and other requested ID’s to: (Health Insurance Marketplace, Department of Health & Human Service in London KY) to identify my self.  Hope this will solved my identity problem with your ancient system. Looks like your agency is still in the middle ages. I am risking having my Identity stolen because of your Archaic System.

    I should go to the New with this…

  4. Sooooo, they are promoting this BS on a web site that DOES work. I bet YouTube didn’t cost Half a Billion dollars and still rising. HHS should be De-Funded.

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