1. Our broadband deals guide: https://broadbandsavvy.com/best-broadband-deals/ 2. Ofcom broadband coverage checker: https://checker.ofcom.org.uk/en-gb/broadband-coverage 3. Internet speed needs calculator: https://broadbandsavvy.com/what-internet-speed-do-i-need/ 4. What happens when you switch broadband provider: https://broadbandsavvy.com/how-to-switch-broadband-provider/ In this video, we discuss how to choose the right broadband plan for your household. We explain how to find out every provider that services your address, how to calculate what speed you need, and how to choose a broadband provider. We have also explained some of the differences between each British broadband provider, including Openreach providers such as BT, Virgin Media, and other networks such as Hyperoptic. If you have any questions about how to choose the right broadband deal for your family, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get right back to you. 0:00 Introduction 0:37 Find out what’s available 2:25 Decide what speed you need 4:41 Decide what type of broadband contract you want 5:51 Choose a broadband provider 7:41 Buy your chosen broadband plan About us At Broadband Savvy, we help everyday British households get the most from their home broadband. Whether you’re looking to troubleshoot WiFi dropouts, are struggling with slow download speeds, or just want a better broadband deal, we’ve got you covered. Learn more at https://broadbandsavvy.com or follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/broadbandsavvy

25 Replies to “How To Choose The Best Broadband Plan (UK) – Save Money And Get Fast Speeds”

  1. Thanks for the video, which provider do you think will be the best to do live streams ? like on twitch or YouTube for exemple

    1. The key for live streaming is having a good upload speed, at least 8-9 Mbps for most HD bitrates. You might want a bit of a buffer (12-15 Mbps) if you have other people at home who might be uploading data at the same time. Since most providers can offer these types of speeds, it’s not especially important which one you choose for live streaming in particular, provided your upload speed is good. Just be aware that Virgin Media offer lower upload speeds relative to their download speeds, compared to other providers like BT.

  2. Virgin Media is a no go! Been a customer for over a year and there’s a few issues: Their customer support is extremely confusing, the WiFi always go down. Yeah the WiFi is quick when it it works but IT NEVER WORKS!

    1. We have been doing some deeper research into customer service levels of different providers recently and have noticed other Virgin Media customers express a similar sentiment. It’s also worth noting that their upload speeds are slower than with other Openreach FTTP providers, such as BT.

  3. before you choose your provider check broadband map. Look for FTTP option. If fibre to the premises available to your house. Then you are lucky :). Avoid BT Virgin they are not good and still use old technology overpriced also. If you can’t get FTTP look for 5G better than FTTC copper cables.

    1. BT uses the same technology as any other Openreach provider. Virgin’s technology isn’t necessarily “old” – they are expensive and have relatively slow upload speeds, but offer the best speeds/latency in some areas.

  4. nice video.i get what u mean. but expain me this and what shall i do?

    eatsh time i find a deal i am happy with i sing uop the contract and all goes peerfect for the periode as asigned BUT…there are big BUT after all..

    soon as asigned contract ends for periode of time 12 ,18 ,24 mounths ,they increase mounthly payment for internet service whitch i dont mind if im stay happy with the service i receiving BUT as i said is a big BUT ,
    not enough that they increase amount of payments ,for some reason somehow i getting not exactly what i paying for or was even paying before as i was a new custumer.
    mostly i play online games there are 2 of them and i been playing these games years and years, and same with story all the time with internet providers ,after periode of time of contract asigned ends they increase price low down speed whitch they say they don and they assure its the same ,giving me bunch of test speed link wihits is showing exactly same as they telling me on the phone ,BUT i can feel on mygames now is NOT the same…. Games i play years and years start laging with huge lag spikes as the were not lagging before the video in games goes in pictures and if u can imagine (its live game here and now online )is not nice to have them lag spikes i cant enjoy the pictures ,i like plain clear video. What shall i do as im sick of changing providers eatch time contract ends.
    and yes i tried everything whats free to increase WLAN ,PING ,FPS ,UMD ratings to lower them down ,nothing realy helps.i did manage all other programes that use recources while online i lower downoad updates speed to maximum lower level that is 5% nothing NOTHING helps here….
    also i ring provider to complain ,they say they will look they will send enginier to look they will change broadband ,but after all 2 days max a week and same isue again….and to ring everythime to them wait on the phone in the que select that stupid options again over again and listen stupid music while waiting i have no time and sick of it…what to do????
    i was with the sky at first ,then change for Virgin media ,now im on TALKTALK ,but literaly same prioblem with them all again and again….
    after contract ends increase amount of pay decrease speed .
    i watched tutorial on youtube how one guy told not to trust virgin media and he put description below how to test your broadband real speed
    the proces takes a week and its hows everything ,there you have creat and account set up ur details and keep your conmputer on and broadband to…i vas very disapointed with virgin after when i get the results ,so big lagg spikes even over times when i dont use PC over the night when everyone sleeps (IN MY HOUSE) literaly i was kinda in shock for what i saw and not surprised to much as i felt all this while was playing online.
    now same situation with TALKTALK, problem i can not log on to my account to screan scan broadband as this brodband do not ”support” the page i want to open to log on to my account to start test (why not support? hiding something or what?
    but mine question is WHAT SHALL i do????
    how to put trust in any provider while they all doing the same thing after all? what to chose how stay stable even with increased amount on bill how to get same as i was promisssed to be given???

    please HELP someone …

    1. We’d recommend looking specifically for 24 month contracts if you’re fed up of having to switch so often. Often you can re-contract with the same provider at the end of your contract.

      Your connectivity shouldn’t suffer at the end of the contract. If you’re having problems, it’s best to try a provider that has really good customer service, like Zen, or perhaps BT. Virgin doesn’t have very good customer service at the moment, nor does TalkTalk.

    1. No problem! Community Fibre are pretty good from what we’ve heard. Their plans are decent value for money during the initial contract, except the 3Gbps one which is quite expensive, and their customer service seems to generally be a bit better than some of the bigger providers. Just check what the price will rise to at the end of the contract – the monthly cost will more than double with the 1000Mbps plan.

  5. What do you think about OneStream broadband? Onestream seems to offer a better price but based off reviews have poor customer service and try charging for extras. The other option I have would be paying slightly more for Vodafone but would better benefit from their better reputation.

    1. With smaller providers like that, the main benefit of choosing them most of the time is if they have better customer service, however it doesn’t seem like that’s something OneStream offers. Vodafone is likely a better choice, but just remember that they only offer 24 month contracts.

  6. The audio for this video is awful, but the information is great and I thank you for providing the relative links!

  7. AVOID AT ALL COSTS TALKTALK , biggest mistake I even did, a company that is worse than shit with a clueless ceo who couldn’t care less

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