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18 Replies to “Exactly how to Create a Contact Form in WordPress – Using WP…”

    1. Yes, I agree! But form to email is easier to use because you can create web forms in less than 3 minutes.

    1. Yes I agree! But from to email is easier to use, you can create web forms in less than 3 minutes!

  1. Hi. My contact forms works well, but it doesn’t appear in mobile phone mode. Can you help me?

  2. Thankyou, Will it replace the existing form? mine seems to have expired and all i have is the google map for my business no form. will this new form override the old or does the original form have to be deleted? if so could you do a video on this. Thankyou i am not a techie

    1. Helpful right?! But form to email is easier to use because you can create web forms without programming skills.

  3. Respected sir, visitor submitted contact form, it has displayed email has been sent successfully but not reached admin email, could you please suggest how to rectify.

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