Find out more: Learn how to translate your WooCommerce store and make it multilingual using the free TranslatePress plugin. You can translate all your products in multiple languages using a visual translation editor, setup automatic translation & more.

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  1. thank u
    When a customer add a product in his cart in English language and valid his command for example , is this product exist when uses other language ?

  2. in a 1000s product woocommerce, if you add 100 new products how you can distinguish then in the product list to translate these new products?

    1. When using automatic translation (which is the recommended way to go when dealing with a bigger WooCommerce store) the newly added product pages will be automatically translated upon the first visit. This means that when the translated version of a newly added page is first accessed (by you or any other user) the automatic translation will be triggered. After that first visit, the translations will be stored locally in your own database, so your website won’t ever need to fetch the same translations from the translation engine again.

  3. Thank you for the video! do you know how to make woocommerce emails to be sent in the language the client bought the product?

    1. Not really, you can also use the built in automatic translation (via Google Translate or DeepL) to speed things up. Then simply change what sounds off.

    2. @Adi Spiac Which is still pretty much manually translating your whole site only with shortcuts. Why would you do this when you can just translate the whole site automatically?

    3. @James Shaw that’s exactly what automatic translation does, translating every page automatically. Just that besides this, you also have the option to manually adjust these translations. And if you’re referring to browser translation, well those don’t count if you want your website to rank in multiple languages and get more international/language specific traffic.

  4. Does it show results when I have chosen a different language and am searching in that language?

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