In this video, I will show you how to customize shop page in WooCommerce. This will help you make changes to shop page settings. In this video, I am using Astra theme along with woo-commerce template. I am using Elementor page builder plugin for creating pages. However, I using wordpress customize option to customize shop page. This video is not about how to edit woocommerce shop page with elementor. That I will show in other upcoming video. Having a customized shop page in woocommerce is very essential. This video is all about settings up Shop page for your e-commerce website. Login to WordPress Dashboard of your website. Go to Shop page. Click on Customize. Go To WooCommerce option in the left panel. Now you will see the options to customize shop page in woocommerce. – Store Notice – Product Catalog – Single Product – Product Images – Cart – Check out This video will help you with shop page settings. I hope that you will like this video series of woo commerce tutorials. I have tried to cover all the topics to create e-commerce website using woocommerce plugin for wordpress. Check out the playlist of WooCommerce Tutorial Do not forget to subscribe to my channel for upcoming free youtube video course. Social connect: That’s it for how to customize shop page in woo-commerce. See you in the next video. #woocommerce #shop #wordpress

14 Replies to “How to customize shop page in WooCommerce | Shop Page Settings | Astra”

  1. Hi. Is it possible to add an mp4 clip that is hosted in WordPress to the featured image on the shop page, (not in the product page )

    1. I do not think so. May be you can edit the Shop page template manually through code editor.

    1. it is not that difficult. you can also watch my recently uploaded video on how to customize shop page with elementor theme builder.

    1. @Quick Tips no I need to change the product places make the previous product appear in first page of product

  2. Good afternoon, I’m currently using this template but, for some reason, the shop page looks “zoomed in” about 10% -20%. I have tried to edit content width but still not working. Thanks in advance

    1. Login to wordpress. Open the Shop page. Click on customize at the top. In the left panel you will see WooCommerce – Product Catalog. Here you will see the option to change Shop Archive conent width. You can also change the number of columns for the products. Try this.

    2. @Quick Tips I have tried this way, however the page still looks the same. Any other suggestions on what the problem can be? Thanks for answering

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