18 Replies to “Just how to Deliver a WordPress Website to a Client in 8 act…”

  1. Hi Rhino, You can skip a step. In the White label CMS you also adjust the menu for client 😉

  2. Please sir how can I create a delivery method no my woo commerce website, please help me, sir

  3. Hi there! This is my first time building a website with a client with his own hosting. The client is already set at the administrator level. Is it possible to change that role and take place as the administrator?

    1. Unfortunately you can’t change the first user of the WP site. So the only option you have now is to create another admin account for yourself and then create another editor account for your client and then ask him to use the new one because with the main admin account a lot of things can go wrong. Just use fear to sell that idea.

  4. Hey Rino, how do you deal with cookie consent? I am alwasy hesitant to install google analytics, because then you have to have a cookie policy right?

  5. Hye Sir, I’m new to web designing. I want to know that how can i setup WordPress on clients website. Can i use mine or ask the client to make it. And on how many websites i can login WordPress with same gmail account. I have search for many days but no one on YouTube has explained it. I would be so grateful if you can explain it.

  6. Great video. Very helpful. Any additional recommendations since this video post? And yes, have you made a video about ManageWP? Seems like that would be helpful.

  7. I am a full time middle school computer science teacher for the past 22 years. , but am looking to part time freelance in web site design. Then with some experience, hopefully scale up to early retirement from teaching where I can do some aspect of this working from home. Some questions I still have concern workflow. So once I get some jobs, what should I use to get a signed contract? What should my contract say? What kind of jobs would be suited for a beginner like myself? What do I charge with my experience? Invoicing? etc I just need some guidance to get going. Any info would help. Thanks

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