Do you require a Messenger chat widget on your WordPress website? It would be awesome if your visitors could chat with you via the WP Social Ninja Facebook Messenger chat widget, and you could reply to them back any time you like. Messenger Chat widget enables you to integrate your Messenger experience instantly into your website. It lets your customers interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in the Messenger chat widget. The chat widget automatically loads the recent chat history between the person and your business, pointing to current exchanges with your business in the Messenger.

WP Social Ninja and Messenger chat widget make a single experience for your customers and helps you continue the conversation even after they have left your business page. There is no need to grab their information to follow up; utilize the same discussion. The Messenger Chat widget keeps the following: Text Messages Video and Image Text Quick Replies Constant Menu Learn more about configuration:
All-in-One Configuration | Social Chat | WP Social Ninja
Dig deeper into customization:
Style | Social Chat | WP Social Ninja
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