Exactly how to get away education and learning’s fatality valley|Sir Ken Robinson Sir Ken Robinson lays out 3 concepts vital for the human mind to grow– and also just how present education and learning society functions versus them. In an amusing, mixing talk he informs us exactly how to obtain out of the instructional “fatality valley” we currently encounter, as well as just how to support our youngest generations with an environment of opportunity. TEDTalks is a day-to-day video clip podcast of the very best talks and also efficiencies from the TED Conference, where the globe’s leading thinkers as well as doers offer the broach their lives in 18 mins (or much less). Seek talks on Technology, Entertainment as well as Design– plus scientific research, service, worldwide problems, the arts as well as a lot more. Discover shut subtitles and also equated captions in lots of languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Comply with TED information on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Register for our network: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector

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  1. What is smart? Before mankind implemented educational institutions diplomas degrees certifications and pattens people were going about freely in the earth being naturally productive. The mind was free to experiment in biology anatomy geology astronomy etc without any interference. We have now slowed this advancement down by tying up billions of people with outdated literature and years of student loan debt. By the time one makes it clear of this bondage life and the zeal for truly studying humanity will diminish. Age and time will cause the individual to just accept where they are and be okay with complacency. I know many of you will argue that these measures were put in place my the government to enforce accountability. Nevertheless while the lower to middle class follow suit the upper class and elite are buying their way around these parameters. I remember going to a clients house who had just solicited my services. I was sitting in her living room looking at all her certificates and degrees on the wall. I asked her about one in general. The degree from Baylor University which I too am an alumni. I noticed she attended and graduated the same year as me. As I began to probe it became more apparent that this woman was never a student at Baylor university. How did she get this nicely printed degree up on her mantle? I went back to my commencement program that night and what do you know her name nor picture wasn’t there. I even gave her the benefit of the doubt by going on the university webpage to verify. Maybe she graduated late and it’s possible her name and photo wasn’t issued in time for the commencement printout. She was no where to be found in the registry. This lady’s home and life was immaculate however she was living a lie. Furthermore the ones that afforded her this lifestyle without verifying properly her credentials is even more alarming. After running her credit I realized she was not only lying about her education but even her excellent credit. I was only able to offer her a rate consistent with her credit scores. This self entitled brat was able to get on the phone with her friend who is a JSC credit union president and get her to offer her a 2.9% interest rate despite her credit portfolio. After this encounter it was apparent to me that it’s really not what you know rather who you know. You can sincerely be very educated and a great asset to this beautiful earth nonetheless be held back by people who are cheating their way through life. I hope this helps someone today to stop wasting your life and time being concerned about the next person. Today you can finally start being the best version of you.

  2. The classy employee evidently delight because pasta universally amuse till a past colt. fine, filthy perfume

  3. Grace in the New Testament is in some respects one of its greatest words. It always means two things – God’s favor and His blessing; His attitude and His action

  4. hey, I’m in high school right now, and I cannot concieve of the fact that this is 9 years old. this is one of the most true, relevant tedtalks I’ve ever seen

  5. Oh, dear naive, well-intentioned Sir, irony is the GOP’s standard. The No Child Left Behind Act is working perfectly. Just as the Republicans wanted it to. They name bills to get their voters behind them. Who’d vote for the Stupid People Are Easily Manipulated Act?

    These are the same voters who overwhelmingly denounced the Death Tax! Not realizing it was originally titled: Estate Tax. Since 90% of their base don’t have estates, but needed their 90% approval, that bill would drop like a lead balloon as named. But a slick rearrangement: Death Tax! was all that was needed to get the bill passed.

    The No Child Left Behind Act was stage II of the Idiocracy. That ushered in this current crop of GQP morons, one who was given her high school diploma in office!

    We are currently in the end stages: book bans.

  6. My moment of evidence school is just bad was when I had a smart-kid-special-assignment. You could choose whatever the heccc you wanted to learn, BUT… nothing about your main interests . So while I am a dinosaur fan and read books about it in my free time before, now I was writing and researching about damn conflicts between civilizations in the world. And now my free time was not occupied by what I liked to do but by something else. Like all my school time already was.

    I don’t understand, god damn this system makes NO sense

  7. 9 years ago!!! Hello what has changed?😳 such a sorry thing 😓 the educational system testing testing 1..2..3 🎤🕊🙏

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