In today’s WordPress video clip tutorial we’ll describe just how to export WooCommerce plugin items and also import it on an additional site conveniently as well as quickly, with no additional plugin or coding need. WordPress styles download and install WooCommerce WordPress plugin use overview The most effective WordPress overviews Advertise your website completely free

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  1. If I am only updating prices, I export then edit prices then import, correct? Do I need to delete all products before importing again?

    1. Hi, thanks for you question, try to do a test in a local version of your site or a staging site before change it, however, you probably will get 2 versions of the products. Try it out and let us know the result, All the best

    1. Hello, you can upload as many as you liie, however it can decrease the page loading speed. All the best

    1. Hi, how are you? Thank you for contacting us, how are you? Each store contents has it’s own, but the process it exactly the same. All the best

  2. Hi there, Could you explain to me how to export a SINGLE product to import on another website? I do not need to export an entire website. Pleaseee and thank you! Just subscribed.

    1. Hi, how are you? thanks for your comment and feedback on our video, I can’t see options for it yet, but if it’s only one product, the best option is copy the content manually, All the best

    1. Olá Leônidas, como vai? sou sim, obrigado por notar, faz tempo que você usa o WP? Tudo de melhor.

  3. Cara, isso que você fez até um macaco sabe fazer isso é explicito, eu quero importar e exportar 800 produtos e não da certo, outra coisa, aperfeiçoe o seu ingles, da muita raiva ouvir isso e não aprender nada

    1. Olá, como vai? Muito obrigado pelo seu comentário, faz tempo que você usar o WordPress? Tem um plugin add on pro woo que faz isso com muito produtos. Tudo de melhor.

    2. ​@Visualmodo faz alguns meses meu amigo, perdão pelo comentario desrespeitoso, eu estava nervoso na hora, qual o nome do plug in? faz um video?

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