Inflation has led to increasing broadband prices in the UK, leading to less disposable income for most people. I show you how to save money on your internet/broadband bills in the UK by negotiating for the best possible deal. Broadband service providers: Megabytes vs Megabits: MoneySavingExpert: Virgin Broadband Example: Sky Broadband Example: My portfolio is inside an ISA, a tax free wrapper with my broker Freetrade. I invest in growing companies that generate a strong return on capital, are easy to understand and have fantastic balance sheets with little to no debt and plenty of net cash. Find out more: =============================================== REQUEST A STOCK VIDEO Fiverr: JOIN MY PATREON Patreon: =============================================== AMAZON BOOKS I LIKE: The Art Of Execution: “How the world’s best investors get it wrong and still make millions” by Lee Freeman-Shor. Richer, Wiser, Happier: “How the world’s greatest investors win in markets and life” by William Green. One Up On Wall Street: “How to use what you already know to make money in the market” by Peter Lynch. =============================================== STOP BY & SAY HI: #OZBOURNEFOREMAN Discord: Twitter: Instagram: =============================================== My YouTube Gear: 📷 Sony a5100: 🎙️ Samson Meteor: 💡 Lighting: =============================================== Disclaimer: Ozbourne Foreman is not a financial advisor, so please do not take this video as financial advice. Furthermore some of the links shared are affiliate marketing, meaning that if you sign up using them, they will provide a small commission to the channel at no extra cost. Sources: =============================================== Donate here: “Donations will be reinvested into the channel, portfolio or personal development”


    1. There was a study that supposedly stocks with ticker symbols that are words like MONY have outperformed but I’m not sure how accurate this was.

  1. How does infrastructure influence speed? my understanding was that everyone other than virgin use BT’s fibre?

    1. It would depend on location, a more effective infrastructure means you’re more likely to have a connection. In a similar way, if investments are made into the cables to increase the speed of data transfer then naturally that would add to the speed that the providers can offer.

    1. It’s not my only reason, I work a lot and don’t have the time to make a video on such short notice. However I agree F the SP.

    1. Spot on Malc, people seem to forget I work 7 days a week without including the YouTube channel.

  2. You need to know how to get a good deal, £26 for line rental, fastest broadband and anytime phone calls with talk talk, also use a cash back site, ok different for mobile data, but I am with Plusnet. Can always get a deal

    1. Cashback sites are a very good suggestion it is very much worthwhile to go through them for deals.

    1. Jokes a side, the trouble being a value investor is to the masses you seldom look correct. You avoid the hype stocks and instead love the unloved.

    2. Boohoo isn’t popular, so not something that will be recommended yet.

      Agreed, although that’s not necessarily a value investor. It is closer to a contrarian investor. I’d say I’m less value more contrarian into turnaround plays of quality companies.

    1. Sasha has already made a video on that topic, I don’t think the situation is as bad as mentioned. So I won’t talk about it unless extremely likely.

    1. It’s a stepping stone before I talk about energy prices, significant concerns for a lot of people I know with the cost of living rising.

    2. @Ozbourne Foreman Who doesn’t use comparrison sites nowadays though? It’s not really the content I’m subscribed for…

      Since we are on the subject I pay £22 a month for 74mb fibre with Vodafone (best I can get up in the valleys!).

  3. Congratulations on your diversity Martin.
    Maybe your bored watching your shares plummeting to nothing.
    (Like most of us ).

    1. We aren’t seeing many people enter the niche and my channel is the slowest growing for it’s size, diversification is necessary from a business perspective. Funny enough my views increase with shares plummeting.

  4. Just thought I’d mention if you live in a rural area you can request a faster, internet connection as a minimum of 10Meg is required by government legislation. Then leave it to your ISP to sort out, however, they do it. If 10Meg is not fast enough, try getting some pay as you go SIMs, on the 4 Big mobile networks and check their speed and see which is fastest. Probably worth checking there is 4G in your area first on mobile coverage maps. Once you find a network you’re happy with, it might be cheaper to sign a contract for a SIM and get yourself a mobile WIFI router or get one included in a contract. (Once you know the best network checkout the smaller networks that run off that network such as Voxi, Giffgaff, Asda Mobile etc… As could be cheaper.)

    I also find the data speeds can be quicker if you put the mobile or rougher on window still upstairs, which is in the direction of the mobile mast. Again check coverage maps to check the direction the signal is coming from.

    1. Agreed, as well as firms using the pandemic as an excuse for staff shortages or delays. What a world we live in.

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