Finding the best DJ for your nightclub can be surprisingly difficult. There are hundreds of DJs across Ireland that are looking for resident DJ spots in good nightclubs. You will have to do some research to find the best one for you. If you are looking for the perfect DJ for your dance nightclub, then we are here to help.

First, start by determining what type of music you want. It is important to know what genre of music you are looking for before you start searching because there are genres that DJs specialise in.

Book a DJ for your next event

There are actually quite a few things you really need to consider when booking a DJ and having them perform at your event to their best ability. Having made so many DJ bookings, here are some of the top key points for you to consider when booking a DJ for your next event.

Be clear about what music you want – You would share the different music terms with the DJ, but also send examples of music as certain descriptions or key words describing music can be misinterpreted but if you actually provide a sample then the DJ has a clearer and better idea of what you are looking for. If there are even specific songs you want to hear that night, tell them.

Does the DJ need to use the microphone – Not all DJs know how to use a microphone for events and also do not all want to talk so if you do require them to use a microphone then be clear and give them a detailed brief.

What should the DJ dress like for the event? – For example, if it’s fancy and has a theme, then it may be best to wear something around that. Similarly, if most people there are smartly-dressed then so should you. Make sure to tell them this beforehand though!

Make sure the DJ has the experience – There are many DJs out there and there is a big difference on what you are going to get. Therefore do spend time searching for the right one for your event. Ask for past mixes, profiles and event/club references. From that you should have a better idea on the right DJ for you.

Plan for extra time Sometimes events can start later or go on later so do plan for that and if the DJ needs to go on later they can so the event does not have to end earlier than you want to because the DJ has to go. You can also agree on extra hours fee if it happens in advance so you do not have to discuss it while they are DJing.

Booking the DJ equipment Not every DJ uses the same equipment so before booking a DJ it is best to see what their technical rider is (what technical equipment is required for the DJ in order for them to perform the best). Usually they will give a list of what they want and ideally you should match it so you can get the most out of their performance, but often you want to watch the costs. By checking the rider before booking a DJ allows you to manage your budget better.

Reviewing your event venues technical setup You would need to get all the information from the venue you plan to book on what technical they have and what they do not have. I always recommend checking it all in person as you do not know exactly how it is until you do that. Then you need to match what is missing and what needs to be brought in for the DJ to be able to do their work.

Do a sound check before the event

If you have the time, get the DJ to come before the event when everything is set up and do a sound check. If you do that then there will be less delays and technical issues on the night. In addition you get to see how the DJ looks in the venue and if the presentation of the DJ booth, entertainment area needs adjusting before the guests arrive.

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